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As the capital city of Spain, Madrid is a beautiful and lively city that has a range of different activities and places to see. MADbudget offers some insider’s guides to the lifestyle of Madrid and essential information for anyone planning a visit to the city.

MADRID, SPAIN. In general, Madrid is a very safe city. However, as you should when you go to any new city, be aware of the law and how the law will affect you.

As a tourist, you must be very careful with pickpocketers, especially in touristy areas. Groups of gypsie children are known for running through restaurants, especially in places like Starbucks. These children and other pick pocketers are trained to be very sneaky and have many tricks. One common trick is children using menus to cover your phone before grabbing it. Make sure to watch your bag on the metro and in crowded areas.

To avoid getting pick pocketed, make sure your purse zips and you carry it across your body. If you are going to wear a backpack, do not leave anything in the outside pockets, and keep it completely zipped.

The metro is one of the best ways of getting from one area to another in Madrid. It closes at 1:30 am and opens again at 6 am. If you are out past then, there are night buses and taxis available throughout the night. These are two of your best bets. Walking in Madrid is safe and there are usually people walking around if you choose to walk home, but it is recommended that you are aware of your surroundings.

Madrid is a city that prides itself on very clean tap water system. Sink and tap water are usually very safe to drink out of. Be careful when drinking alcohol, especially when going out to clubs. Do not carry an open container in the streets or “botellon,” (meaning drink) in the parks. This has become a major issue in Madrid, and can cost you a fine of over 500 Euros. It is recommended that you drink in the many bars and restaurants available or in the safety of your own hotel or apartment.

In the capital city of Madrid, there are many hospitals to choose from. One of the best teaching hospitals in the country is the Hospital Clinco San Carlos de Madrid Insalud. The department carries out research alongside treatment of patients. The standard of private healthcare is excellent in Spain and there is little waiting time for treatment. There are many hospitals with English-speaking doctors available including the Unidad Medica Angloamerciana and Clinica Castellana.  Clinics that can be found in Madrid include Clinica La Luz which is a clinic for public and private patients and Anglo-American Medical Unit.

For minor health problems, there are many local farmacias (or pharmacies) open 24 hours every day in Madrid. 24-hour pharmacies include Farmacia Real Botica de la Reina Madre and Farmacia del Globo. Most pharmacies have a list on their window showing the locations of near-by after-hours pharmacies.

Embassy contact information for the UK, USA, Canada and Australia can be found on this link.

General Health and Safety contact information:

Call 112 and you will be directed either to the police, fire station, etc.