MADRID, SPAIN. For Americans abroad, this time of year can be an emotional rollercoaster. With the crisp fall air comes a traditional holiday feast that only the United States can produce: Thanksgiving. But perhaps when it comes to Thanksgiving abroad, we are simply not looking hard enough to find it.

American traditions have spread throughout the world like wildfire, and Thanksgiving has proven to be no different. While we may be under the impression that Thanksgiving abroad is simply not an option, Madrid has proven that to be a false assumption. With easy access to imported products and the desire to follow an American feasting tradition, Madrid could be the new Thanksgiving hotspot; you just have to know where to go.

If you are a Martha Stewart type who loves to spend hours slaving in the kitchen, Madrid is ready to give you all the ingredients you need. Step one: the turkey. Turkey is the sun to the Thanksgiving solar system and without it, well, there is no Thanksgiving. You can reserve an entire fresh turkey at your local butcher or pick one up from a local Corte Inglés or Carrefour. Lidl is also an option if you are looking for a turkey for an intimate, small, family meal.

Traditional side dishes that are places in the solar system of Thanksgiving include mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, and can all be found at your local super market. More specific ingredients, such as cranberry sauce and pumpkin puree for that famous pumpkin pie can be found at American shops such as “Taste of America” conveniently located throughout Madrid.

If cooking isn’t your thing, do not fear as you could eat a gourmet Thanksgiving meal on any budget and all around the Spanish capital. But act fast, as these Thanksgiving hot spots usually fill up fast! Restaurants such as Carmencita Bar offer a full course Thanksgiving lunch and dinner starting at 30 euros. The offer holds for 5 days so if you can’t catch the meal on Thanksgiving, a fresh turkey will be waiting for you the very next day! The Toast Cafe also offers an exclusive Thanksgiving menu for it’s celebrating guests, priced at 25 euros but it isn’t the only cafe offering some gobble gobble. The world famous Hard Rock Cafe also offers a Thanksgiving meal, for 30.95 euros for all ages starting at 12:30! If you want a more expensive and lavish meal, the American Club of Madrid offers a Thanksgiving fiesta for about 60 euros a ticket!

As you can see, there may be an ocean separating Madrid and the land of Thanksgiving but that does not mean you can’t bring a little turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie into your abroad life. Whether you are cooking from scratch or checking out one of the Thanksgiving hot spots, take advantage of this time to feast. You will not be sorry!


Taste Of America

Calle Serrano, número 149. (Metro L6, parada República Argentina).

Calle Cea Bermudez, número 58-60. (Metro L7, parada Islas Filipinas).

Calle Ribera de curtidores, número 39. (Metro L5, parada Puerta de Toledo – Metro L3, parada Embajadores)

Corte Ingles Supermarket

Bottom floor of any Corte Ingles in Madrid (Seemingly on every corner at every metro stop!)

La Tienda Americana

Calle Martín de los Heros, número 63. (Metro L3, L4 y L6, parada Argüelles)


The American Club of Madrid

Paseo de la Habana 9, 28036 Madrid, Spain

+34 912 98 61 63

Carmencita Bar

Calle San Vicente Ferrer 51, 28015 Madrid, Spain

+34 915 23 80 73

The Toast Cafe

Calle de Fernando el Católico 50, 28015 Madrid, Spain

+34 915 49 38 02

Hard Rock Cafe

Paseo de la Castellana 2, 28046 Madrid, Spain

+34 91 436 4340

Gumbo Restaurante

Calle Pez 15, 28004 Madrid, Spain

+34 91 532 63 61