U.S.A. Ever have that moment when you’re craving something no one else likes? This can be a common occurrence for us sushi lovers so I’m sharing why I obsess over this Japanese dish. If you are skeptical about trying raw ingredients and unfamiliar things, don’t be discouraged. I promise if you take the plunge, the worst thing that can happen is you realize it’s not for you and them move on to something else.

Here’s why I enjoy this cuisine so much: Every time I visit a Japanese restaurant, I am amazed by the array of fresh seafood lining the sushi bar. Chefs are always working diligently on making masterpieces with seafood, veggies, rice and seaweed. Who knew that exotic combination would be so delicious? My admiration for sushi comes from the creativity behind designing a roll. The fact that tuna, crab, and salmon can be paired with avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, caviar, or tempura is fascinating. Tempura is lightly fried vegetables that are served with a crunchy thin breading similar to an onion ring. The most common types I’ve seen available at restaurants are sweet potato, carrot, asparagus, or shrimp; it is commonly paired with a sweet dipping sauce to add more flavor. The vast variety of rolls offered can make ordering that much more fun… and difficult! As my love for sushi grows, I am torn between sticking with my favorite rolls and experimenting with new ones. To see which rolls are basic to most restaurants, click the link here.

One of the many great things about sushi is that you have the freedom to be adventurous or stick to the basics. When I first started eating it, the California Roll with crab, avocado, and cucumber was my favorite! The ingredients are simple and allowed my palate to adjust before I developed my preference for more complex ones. As you get creative, you’ll notice the rolls have more intriguing names; Spider, Dragon, and Rainbow are a few tasty ones. To enrich your sushi experience, I recommend using the thin slices of ginger and famous spicy wasabi that is provided on the plate with your rolls (I use the smallest possible piece). Each of these things along with soy sauce can significantly enhance the taste by adding an extra boost. Another option is to order just the seafood, called sashimi, if you aren’t craving rice or seaweed. Sushi & sashimi provide a unique way to fulfill your cravings; when else would you order something called The Spider, The Dragon, or The Rainbow?

So if you’re unsure about whether you will like sushi, try it and see what happens! You can always stick to rolls with vegetables if you don’t care for fish or ask your waiter for advice on what is best. If it meets or exceeds your expectations, you may even consider splurging on a sushi boat with friends!