The Reina Sofia is Spain’s national museum on an international scale for contemporary art. As well as the home to excellent collections of Spain’s two greatest 20th century masters, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Along with the collection don’t miss out on the many Exhibitions, workshops and activities or simply enjoying a drink in the newly extended building!

1. Guernica

You definitely can not miss seeing the most famous piece of artwork at the Reina Sofia. The Guernica by Pablo Picasso was painted in remembrance of the bombing of Guernica by Germans fliers in 1937. This anti-war piece gained tremendous status, becoming the constant reminder of the tragedies of war and as the expression of peace.

2. Elevators

Approaching the Museum you wont miss the three giant steel, glass elevator towers. It will give you the feeling that you’re in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory ready to go straight out the top in Madrid. Very cool!

3. Relax in the patio by “Carmen”

Carmen is a sculpture by Alexander Calder. It consists of a fixed supporting section with a moving structure on top. Eight riveted blades are moved by air currents, giving the piece the playful, optimistic component so essential to Calder’s art.

4. Visit the panoramic view from the Jean Nouvel building

Jean Nouvel (Fumel, France, 1945) is one of the most internationally recognized architects and was called to help with the completion of the Reina Sofia extension. There are three new buildings, extending into the new museum which becomes the place where temporary exhibition take place. As well as having a library, a restaurants, and each building opens onto terraces, so you can take your pick and enjoy the view!

5. Temporary Exhibitions

Lastly, Make sure to check out some of the many temporary exhibitions organized by Reina Sofia all around Madrid. When you’re least expecting it you could be walking right by one of the many pop up exhibitions at Palacio de Cristal or Palacio de Velázquez in Retiro park!