Are you tired of always having to buy a new dress for an unexpected evening event? I know how hard it can be looking for that perfect dress at the very last minute. Everything always seems to go wrong when you are at the mall searching for an outfit that you can picture perfectly in your head, yet you cannot find it. It is like a sign telling you that you probably should not be buying anymore clothes.

Well ladies, sometimes what you already have in your closet can become the perfect evening outfit. The cool thing about fashion is that you are free to experiment with your style. Using the same pieces is in no way uncool or tacky. Take advantage of your pieces and style them up differently. You would be surprised to see what you can come up with. Plus, it is a money saver. Bingo!

A dress that you wear during the day can actually become your go-to dinner outfit. The collage above is a perfect example of a striped dress you can style with a jean jacket, your favorite sandals, a cute pair of sunglasses, and a fringe bag for the perfect day time outfit. This outfit is perfect for lunch dates, shopping, errands, etc.

Once night time arrives, you can easily switch your outfit to a more chic look. A leather jacket, a bold lipstick color, your favorite heels, a statement necklace, and a clutch will do.

Stop stressing for a new outfit and start experimenting with your staple pieces in your closet. Make the most out of it and most importantly, have fun. Creating new outfits will only open your eye to new styling techniques.