In Thailand it is illegal to step on money. Why? Because the king is portrayed on it.
This, in fact, is not the only ridiculous law in the world. There are many and many more, which will make one go “What the…?”

  1. In France it is illegal to marry a dead person. Seems logical, but who would want to do that anyway? The existence of this law proves that there were such attempts.
  2. In Portugal it is illegal to urinate in the ocean. Try and catch me.
  3. In Victoria, Australia one cannot change a light bulb, unless he/she is a licensed electrician.
  4. Ever been to Canada? Ever wondered why every 5th song is sung by Canadian? Now you know- it is a law.
    6. In Samoa it is illegal for men to forget their wife’s birthday. Thank You!
  5. Caught your husband cheating? It is legal to kill him in Honk Kong. You have to be bear-armed though.
  6. Complaining about the feminist movement going too far? Think of joining it, because in Saudi Arabia, it is still illegal for women to drive.
  7. It is illegal to chew gum in Singapore.
  8. It is illegal to die in the Britain Houses of Parliament. Because human beings are able of controlling death.
  9. It is illegal to tell children gay people exist in Russia. The law was just recently implemented by the President Vladimir Putin.

Surprised yet? In the United States alone, there is a crazy number of ridiculous laws.

  1. In Ohio it is illegal to get a fish drunk. BECAUSE PEOPLE DO THAT ON A REGULAR BASIS.
  2. In California, animals are prohibited from publicly mating.
  3. In Florida it is illegal for divorced or widowed woman to skydive on Sunday afternoons. Extremely specific.
  4. In Oklahoma it is against the law to make faces at dogs.
  5. In Indiana, one can be fined for dressing Barbie in Ken’s clothes.
  6. In Iowa it is illegal to kiss for longer than five minutes. This includes private atmospheres as well.
  7. In Missouri, it is illegal for a fireman to rescue a woman dressed in her nightgown.
  8. In North Carolina one can be arrested for cursing in front of dead people.
  9. In Utah it is illegal to have sex while riding the ambulance.
  10. In Florida, sexual intercourse with porcupine is against the law. What?


Yes, indeed all these laws exist in the modern world and although, they are funny, one should remember that people get fined, arrested and even imprisoned breaking these world’s most ridiculous laws.