Paris, capital of the world of fashion. There you can change drastically your wardrobe style with an exquisite vintage touch. But where to go? easy! follow us and we will show you the best 14 vintage shops in Marais!

Our tour in the Paris Vintage starts at metro Chemin Vert, line 1. There, at 76 Rue des Tournelles, we find the boutique  v.m.c Odetta , selling high level vintage clothes of brands like Luis Vitton. Prices unluckily are not cheap, but this is absolutely normal if you look for a Valentino 1972 scarf, and you are lucky enough to find it! The Little Box, at 77 Boulevard Beaumarchais, offers similar luxury brands, as  Gucci and Hermes, but with more moderate prices. Surely, if you look for vintage goods of the most famous luxury brands, these are the two best places in Paris.

With a full belly let’s go to the Tilt Vintage (8 Rue de Rivoli) offering a mixture of any type of vintage clothes, starting from only 10 euro! Same prices at Free’p’star, where you had to spend a little more of your time searching between mountain of clothes, since they are not really divided by genre. Worth the effort tough!

Anyway, great availability in both establishment.

Let’s arrive at the parallel street, Rue du Roi de Sicile, where at 22 we find  the Noir Kennedy. Good shop for rock style with brands as Cheap Monday. Prices can range between moderate and high, but this is due to the great selection they do and the nice way they present their goods.

If we keep on walking we arrive at 2 Rue de la Verrerie, home of the Frip’irum. There we have a great selection of  70’s e 80’s clothes. The staff is very very nice, and you can find nice pieces for 15-20 euro. At few metres away,  in Rue de Rosiers, you can find the Vintage Desir (named also Coiffeur), one of the most famous vintage store in Paris but with very very honest prices, as 20 euro for a leather jacket.

The next 3 vintage shops are located more in the north, close to Metro Etienne Marcel.       We suggest you in any case to arrive there by foot, since it is a fantastic walk through Marais. The 3 boutiques are Iglaïne (12 Rue de la Grande Truanderie) and the very famous Kiliwatch (64 Rue Tiquetonne ) and Episode (12-16 Rue Tiquetonne). The last one is very very well organised with accesible prices, while Iglaïne e Kiliwatch have pieces with a value of hundreds of euros, since they sell also clothes of the first part of the past century.

Aren’t you tired of Paris Vintage?

Then go till Rue de Torbigo, take Boulevard de Magenta and arrived at Rue de Lancry reach the 47. Here you find the Chez Chiffons Vintagea real temple for who is thirsty of very rare pieces from the 20’s till the 70’s.

Next to Republique you find, at 29 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, our favourite vintage spot, the Omaya. This shop has an accurate military selection with prices ranging from 10 to 30 euro. But there it is the offer of vintage rock t-shirts that will blast you! At Omaya you can finally find the rarest ultra used t-shirts of the most iconic rock bands of the 80’s, thing that will provoque the most insane envy of any hipster.