Sometimes, the expectations placed upon us by the media and society can make it hard to see how there are any reasons it’s great to be a woman. However, when we make the best of ourselves, being a woman absolutely rocks! We are smart, sassy and beautiful, so here are some of the many reasons it’s great to be a woman!

1.Often is enough for us a cup of coffee and conversation with a friend, or a new lipstick or brilliant romantic movie ( plus chocolate)  – to be happy.

2. Half of us own more than 30 pairs of shoes – that’s one gorgeously glamorous pair for every day of the month.

3.Warm and fragrant bath is enough for us to relax, while men often need a six-pack beers, swearing and kicking objects.

4.We never have to worry about catching anything important in the zip of our jeans.

5.In public restrooms we have separate cabins and usually cleaner environment.

6.We’re first off any sinking ship. (Could be very useful one day.).

7.When we wear our man’s clothes, we look elfin and cool. If he wears our clothes, he looks like something out of Little Britain.

8.Whenever we want to be taller – thanks to the magic of high heels, there’s no such thing as short woman complex.

9.We manage to look more like Shakira than David Brent when we dance.

10.Female honor will remain untainted even when we do not know replace the bulb or change a tire on the car.

11. We can throw a fit about him watching too much rugby,soccer,cricket and then legitimately blame it on our fluctuating hormones – thank God for PMS.

12. We’re far less likely to get excessive nostril hair …or go bald… or have hair growing out of our ears!

13.The gentleman open the door for us, gives us a flowers and holds our coats. Isn’t that wonderful?!

14.Women live longer than men. Full stop!

15.We’re capable of doing two or more things at once – and doing them very well. Women’s brains are better at handling information from both the left and right sides, while men can only concentrate on one thing at a time, the poor lambs.

16.Most women actually look good in short shorts – men don’t.

17.Women are the ones who bring a new life in the world. Is that need to explain?

We are Women. We are powerful. We are the ones who really rule the world.