When visiting a new country, most people make the most common mistakes with traveling by buying way too much. It’s easy to get caught up with wanting to buy souvenirs for every person you know, but that’s the easiest way to blow your money. Here in Madrid, there are so many places to buy little souvenirs and trinkets to give to your loved ones but with such a low price, its easy to miss how much you spend. Heres what you don’t buy in madrid:

You don’t need a shirt that says “Madrid” on it. You’ll probably wear it once, maybe twice then it’ll hang in your closet and you’ll never see it again.

Unless you’re an actual Real Madrid soccer fan and have money to blow, don’t buy the authentic shirt thats 78 euros. Get something smaller instead. its not soccer season as it is, so the shirt will probably be only worn once or twice just like the “Madrid” shirt in your closet.

Bullfights are fun to attend, you get to see a real Spanish sport that has been watched over the last few generations! What you don’t need is a mini bull figurine or flag that says you’ve been there. With Technology these days, you can take a decent photo with your friends and there is proof of the living memory.

Lastly, you don’t need bags that says “Madrid” on them. Don’t blow you money on things you’ll rarely use. When you are trying to shop for that item that will make you remember Madrid forever, get items for yourself and things that you’ll really use and enjoy everyday. If you’re a big coffee drinker, get mug, get a decorative item for your home like a painting. Get something worth meaning and that’ll last you years to come.