“On the Internet, something went wrong and I need your help to build everything” – turned to the future participants of social networks Jimmy Wales.

The founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia Jimmy Wales on Tuesday launched a new social network TPO, Title charity cellular operator The People’s Operator, which share Internet businessman previously acquired.

In the words of Jimmy Wales, the social networks that exist today consider its members as the object of sale to advertisers. This leads to conflicts over the use of personal data, and to differences desires of users and the needs of advertisers. “We will spend” your “money on the drives that you care about more than advertising”, – assured future participants TPO Wales. According to Business Insider, a new social network “is more like Twitter, than Facebook».

Social networks has become a kind of internet “daughter» The People’s Operator. The company is a joint venture of Orange French and German Deutsche Telekom, which comes to the management of Jimmy Wales last year were counting on expansion in the United States. Entering the market there. His American company offered customers a number of mobile tariffs, including unlimited for $ 32 a month. 10% of the payment service provider customers will donate to charity, choosing their own projects. The operator also promised to transfer to charity 25% of their income.

It is clear that the new social network will primarily support the idea of ​​TPO, combining seek support and potential patrons.

Jimmy Wales.