Have you ever thought about the benefits of eating healthy? I don’t mean avoiding fast food for a couple of days or those chocolate bars you stash away and crave at ‘inappropriate’ hours of the day, I’m talking about having the knowledge for a conscious healthy eating lifestyle?

We’re in the 21st century and eating healthy has become a huge phenomenon, so I’m sure you’ve heard of what an ‘urban farm’ is, but if you haven’t here’s the breakdown of it.
Essentially it’s what the name says, the practice of cultivating, processing and at times distributing the food grown on a farm to then be sold within neighbouring towns and cities.

For the sake of it, let’s say your body is a vehicle. You wouldn’t put diesel petrol in an unleaded car would you? What if the battery of your car starts to malfunction would you ignore that? Or how about realising you have to change the brakes of your car, you wouldn’t postpone that for another day right? You’d go get that sorted out immediately, why? Because we live in a world where we are dependable on our means of transport, in order to survive.

It’s the same protocol with our health, by looking after what we consume the same way we take care our vehicles we can prevent a form of malfunction and avoid the heavy burden of visiting a doctor.

So what benefits you from becoming aware of the urban farms around you?

For starters were you aware that the amount of food grown and brought in locally, would decrease carbon footprint and help the urban ecology? Then there’s the road of helping erosion and topsoil removal but the important factor to consider is that most if not all urban farms are organic, which reduce any form of substances deteriorating the core nutrition of vegetables, fruits and dairy products we in take regularly however are usually tainted with by being purchased at commercial supermarkets.

Now I’m not saying that you’ll gain a super body or drastically start to lose weight if you change your free range eggs to organic ones, the underling point is to make you aware there are alternative forms of carrying out a conscious healthy eating lifestyle.

If you’re a resident in Madrid or you’re visiting and you’re keen to check a few places out here is a list of some of the best urban farms in Madrid:

  • Una plaza
  • La Tabacalera
  • De la quinta – barrio el salvador
  • Kupina morera – barrio sanchinnaro
  • Alameda de osuna
  • Santa Eugenia
  • La huerta de Cantarranas

Though here’s the good part if you wanted to meet likeminded people, you can also visit the monthly reunion next held on Monday August 17th at Huerto La Sanchita. Metro Legazpi at 6pm.

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