Whenever I decide to carry a clutch, it’s more so because I don’t feel like carrying a lot of things or I’m going somewhere where it wouldn’t be ideal for me to carry my everyday purse. What I love about clutches is that they can be a really big statement piece when it comes to your outfit.

With this clutch for instance, it has beautiful bright colors and patterns. With a simple look, it’ll stand out.

If I’m going somewhere where I don’t need to carry much, I’ll usually just have my daily essentials in my clutch.

1. Wallet (J.Crew): I’m not a big fan of big/envelope wallets so I usually stick to purchasing small ones. Just for my cards and cash- simple and easy.

2. Ray Ban Aviators: My favorite sunglasses!

3. Gum: Perfect for after coffee.

4. Coconut Balm Dotcom (Glossier): I just purchased this balm and I love it. The smell, the texture, the packaging- you name it. It’s a universal balm so that makes it 10x better. Sometimes I’ll apply some on my cuticles.

The clutch is a gift from my prior internship at Ashlyn’d. The clutches are handmade in Los Angeles. Thank you Ashlee, Charlotte and Denise if you’re reading this!