The Social Media universe is surrounded by too many things. Good or Bad Informations, Gossip, Dangerous Acts of unkonown or known people, children’s photos, scandalous pictures and privacy violence.The space that could “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”, using a Bob Marley‘s quote, is just becoming a smelly landfill.

We are Guilty? Sure. Can we change the situation? Sure. But we need to improve School Education, creating simple courses about the dangers and the values of Social Media. We need to learn the difference between News and dirty gossip, the utility of Fact-checking, the Importance to Research and Source. To achieve this target it’s non necessary to be a journalist or editor, have studied to Cambridge or Cosenza. The greatest thing is to develop a critical views, “stay hungry and foolish”, just as Steve Job said in front of University students.

In this way, Internet will be a weapon to communicate with different countries, the place where the wall is fallen and the most powerful occasion to be modern and responsible. The Social Media gave many journalists the final Knock-out. Right now, it seems easy to be a good reporter or a God of Paper. So, we are not alone in this struggle. A great number of expert in journalism will walk with us.

First to believe, we have to enquire. First to accept, we have to remember truth is a revolutionary track and politics, business man or normal people try to sell their global tricks.