Amsterdam would be the last city featured in the “Best Streets” series. Here your would find the best areas and streets in Amsterdam and explore the city by its unique and interesting roads.

De Pijp

One of the areas in South Amsterdam that is filled with youth and vibrant new small businesses that just decorates the lively area nicely. Come on a nice day and pick one of the many cafes or restaurants that are in the neighborhood.


Not far from De Pijp, Jordaan is also a youthful area that one, especially a student, should not miss while visiting the city. Decorated with beautiful small bridges and canals that make up such a city of the Netherlands.


In Amsterdam, you just can’t get enough of cool shops and beautiful canals, so other than Jordaan, another must is to go to Prinsengracht. Gracht actually literally translates into Canal, and this photogenic area is a must-visit whilst in Amsterdam.


Lastly is Amsterdam-Noord, the northern part of Amsterdam that can  be reached by a free ferry that you can catch from the central station. It is an experience you should not miss, as there are also a lot of places you could visit in this other part of Amsterdam.

These are just  handful of places you could visit, there are definitely a lot more on the list!