Angela Mazzariello is a really special woman who dedicates her life to her family and to people who suffer of terminal illnesses. She got a degree in chemistry, she became a mum and then the founder of an italian volunteer Association, Chiara Paradiso.

If you want to know more about her and her volunteer Organization, let’s give a look at the interview below.

On the 25th of August in 2009 with the aim to bring a smile to children with terminal illness.

  • Why did you chose to focus on terminal illness and to children, mainly?

I wanted to realize the dream of my little daughter Chiara, who suffered from Ewing’s sarcoma and died when she was 11 years old (29 March 2009). It could be hard to understand the magnitude of her heart: Chiara was going through a dramatic moment but she always cared of the children who suffered and lived difficult conditions. I realized her dream – helping people who are less luky then us – and it’s the most beautiful way to remember her.

  • How can a Volunteer Association be founded?

You need to contact the Volunteer Centre of your city that offer free training to achieve the skills necessary to manage an Association. Every good cause deserves attentions, but when it comes to pediatric oncology, you cannot make mistakes .

  • You, with the support of volunteers, managed to give a medication cart to the radiotherapy department of the Hospital Ruggi, in Salerno: can you tell us more about that experience?

We simply asked to the hospital staff what was missing in the department and came the request of the medication cart. We invested part of 5xmille to donate it.

  • Hospitals that you know, have some shortcomings?

Hospitals in which we enter, have a lot of shortcomings: in the meantime the things get better, we decide to take action. Is there a shortage of masks to enter in Day Hospital? We buy them. And so on.

  • What other projects did you realize in the past?

We provided non-invasive diagnostic tools, furniture for the wards and operating. We actively supported the research on Ewing’s Sarcoma and bone tumours. We kept active a counselling centre for parents who have children with terminal illness or have lost children … We realized many, many projects.

  • What aspect of volunteering is the most gratifying to you?

Donating smiles in memory of the children who are not here anymore and seeing the smiles of the ones we still meet along the way.

  • Future projects?

We want to spread our resources on the internet and create an efficient service on the web also.

  • Why is volunteering important?

Because volunteering improves people’s lives and never leaves you empty.