In my opinion, winter in Denmark is very cold, and when you add some wind into the equation it results in freezing outside (and sometimes even inside).

Packing for vacations can be pretty stressful and you usually forget some (not very) important things at home. To avoid this, you should make a list and follow it when packing. Take some time to think about what you want to do, where you want to go, are you planning to be outside a lot or inside, how does cold effect you. These are things you should consider when writing that packing list.

Check the weather report, but always remember that it can be wrong and that it is like statistics – it depends on how you look at it. Even if it says that the temperature will be above zero (and you are not freezing at this temperature at home) it might feel colder, especially with wind included. Being outside for couple of hours can also result in feeling a lot colder than you would expect.

A tip: if you are used to looking through the window to see what other people are wearing, you might be cold in Copenhagen. I think the mayority of Danes are kind of adapted to this cold weather and they sometimes do not wear any of the usual winter clothes or they have some kind of super winter-proof underwear that keeps them warm without wearing too much other clothes.

Purple Past Red - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen | Colville-Andersen

Purple Past Red – Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen | Colville-Andersen

Danes are also very active people. They cycle, run, walk all the time not minding the weather. I was kind of shocked when I saw people running in a bit rainy freezing Sunday morning. If I was not here on vacations and trying to see as much as possible in the shortest time I would probably just sit on the couch, covered with blankets, drinking some hot tea.

A-must to pack:

  • Gloves (very warm ones, preferably those that you can keep on when using mobile phone or tablet). A tip: if your hands are always cold, you might want to get those small hand warmers that you just put into your pocket, break metal thingy inside of it and it starts to warm up.
  • Scarf (I suggest you get big one, so you can use it also as a blanket).
  • Warm socks (bring few more than you actually need, because they might get wet, or you would need a pair to wear in bed).
  • Warm coat (the best is the one that it is filled with feathers and it keeps you warm even when it’s windy or it’s snowing/raining). A tip: Danes do not really use umbrellas, because it rarely rains/snows heavily. Put on your hood or hat and you will be fine.
Suitcase, Luggage, Baggage | stevepb

Suitcase, Luggage, Baggage | stevepb

  • Wool sweater (it is just the best, it keeps you warm for a long time and even if it’s itchy you will appreciate its warmness, just wear some shirt underneath).
  • Hat (when it’s windy you will miss your winter hat very much, so just bring it).
  • Winter shoes (waterproof if possible). A tip: Dress like an onion, or so they say. It is true. Wear multiple layers of thin clothes and when you are too hot, take some shirt off and you’re good to go.
  • Shirts and t-shirts (so that you can follow a tip upside).

Other things you should need for everyday are underwear, toothbrush, jeans, shampoo, money, ID, camera, phone, map, etc.

I wish you survive your winter vacations in Copenhagen without any cold and try not to think too much about how cold it is, but how cool it is here!