About a month ago I came to Madrid. With two heavy suitcases, I landed at Barajas airport by myself and everything was new: new city, new country, new habits. Despite my initial and inherent need to adapt, I was excited about the experience I was about to embark upon, and full of great expectations. My internship at RGNN here in Madrid is my very first step into the world of journalism, and my first experience of interning abroad.

I must admit, I was quite nervous when I arrived at the office on my first day, as probably any new intern would be at any first internship. Yet, my colleagues have been very kind to me since I entered the door. RGNN is a young news agency (did you know they started in 2013 and already have 700 journalists writing for RGNN.org all over the world, from Singapore to the Ivory Coast?). My knowledgeable colleagues, all of them experts in their fields, have all more or less been my age, and the atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxed. Great for any newcomer wishing to share his or her journalism passion! (By saying “relaxed”, don’t get me wrong though – we work a lot!)

Since the first day, I was immersed in the life of a journalist: write, research new pitches for future articles, discuss my ideas with other members of the staff. I’ve also gotten to pursue my second dream: work as a photographer (check out my photos on RGNN’s Instagram profile!). I’m determined to do as many things as I can to take advantage of my internship in Madrid.

This is the reason why I answered affirmatively when our Director asked me and my colleague Rosario, “Girls, do you want to take a free bike, box, ballet class and report on it?” Wow, my first real assignment as a reporter in Madrid!

I’ll tell you a little secret: you must know that I am not a sportswoman at all. We are bitter enemies, the gym and me.

I was totally unprepared for this kind of reporting. My two heavy suitcases, mentioned above, were full of dresses, bags, various scarves and sweaters of my favorite football teams. No trace of any tracksuit or gym shoes.

Suitcases | Giulia Zuffa

Suitcases | Giulia Zuffa

Yet, I think that interning and living abroad means going outside one’s comfort zone and doing things that you’ve never experienced before.

The day has finally come. Armed with our loyal ally, Google Maps, we reached the gym B3B Woman Studio without any problem. Camera, a list of questions for the interview, and sneakers: Rosario and I are ready!  I had already done some reporting back in Bologna for my university, but it’s not the same thing. I must admit that I’m a bit anxious. Can I interview someone in Spanish? Will I be able to write a good article about my experience?

Fortunately, everything seems to go smoothly: we conducted the interview, we took the photos and we are ready for the training! It consists of three parts: bike, boxing and ballet. I hope that I will survive.

Me at B3B | Rosario Del Campo

Me at B3B | Rosario Del Campo

The gym has recently opened and it still smells of fresh paint. The first part, the spinning, was the hardest one. At the end of the training I was destroyed, but happy. What an amazing experience! It’s not the typical gym: they use techniques known as mindfulness and empowerment to make it more pleasant (it’s for women only). Don’t miss my colleague’s article to find out more about this fabulous gym and its revolutionary training!

And now I’m here, in the office, happy to tell you my experience! I have two piece news. The good one is that I’ve survived and I liked B3B Woman Studio so much that I want to have more lessons. The bad one is that I have a a bit of a cold because when I left the gym I was flushed. Ah, and my legs still hurt a little bit. I guess that’s because like I said, going to the gym is not really part of my day-to-day routine at home and I am not a sportswoman.

Getting ready | Rosario del Campo

Getting ready | Rosario del Campo

I look forward to my next reporting assignment! I’m enjoying my time here at RGNN and I’m learning a lot.

Every day is full: in the morning I visit the city, then I go to work and when I come back home I have a great time with my flatmates. I love living in Madrid: the city is rich in art, the nightlife is amazin, and the climate is sunny almost every day. Interning abroad is an experience that I truly recommend!

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