In the surroundings of the capital of Spain there are plenty of marvelous towns. What are you waiting for? Get the train and discover these beautiful pueblos. Each one is unique! Thanks to Renfe trains, you can reach them quickly and enjoy a day trip. Moreover, if you own the Abono Joven you can visit a lot of towns for free. Getting a BlaBlaCar could be a good idea, too.

Take your backpack, something to eat and a map, leave Madrid for a day and have a great time!

Here they are the best 10 places in the nearby of the capital. This is not a rank, I’m not able to say what is the best one. Visit them all, if you can!

1. Aranjuez

Aranjuez | Guillén Pérez

Aranjuez | Guillén Pérez

Aranjuez has been, for centuries, the spring residence of the royal family. Don’t miss the Royal Palace and the Old Quarter. Yet, the real pearl of this town are their gardens. They were built taking Versailles as a model.

BlaBlaCar (40 minutes): 3/4 €

Train (35 minutes): for free with the Abono Joven/ 6.05€

2. San Lorenzo de El Escorial

El Escorial is situated in the heart of the Sierra of Guadarrama. Visit the enormous Monastery and Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, built in the XVI century. Not far from the Monastery there is the Valle de Los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen) where you will find dictator Francisco Franco’s tomb.

BlaBlaCar (50 minutes): 2€

Train (40 minutes): for free with the Abono Joven/ 5.50 €

3. Manzanares el Real

New Castle | M.Peinado

New Castle | M.Peinado

This town takes the name from the Manzanares river. The main attraction is the New Castle. It will surely enchant you! It has been used as location for many movies. You can also visit the Old Castle, now in ruins.

BlaBlaCar (47 minutes): 3€

Train (35 minutes): for free with the Abono Joven/ 3.40 €

4. Alcalá de Henares

House of Cervantes | Paula soler-moya

House of Cervantes | Paula Soler-Moya

“In a village of La Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind, there lived not long since one of those gentlemen that keep a lance in the lance-rack, an old buckler, a lean hack, and a greyhound for coursing.” If you know this quote by heart, you must visit Alcalá. In fact, this beautiful town is the hometown of the well-known author of Don Quixote. Visit the Miguel de Cervantes House Museum and take a photo with his sculpture. Another unmissable sight  is the Magisterial Cathedral.

BlaBlaCar (35 minutes): 2/3€

Train (20 minutes): for free with the Abono Joven/ 4 €

5. Toledo

Toledo | Hari Seldon

Toledo | Hari Seldon

Toledo is a city where you can find the heritage of three different cultures: the Jewish, the Christian and the Muslim one. This is the reason why it’s unique and the atmosphere is magic. The main attractions are the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, the Synagogue of El Tránsito and the Cathedral. If you are passionate about art I suggest visiting El Greco House Museum. Toledo is also known for sword manufacture.

BlaBlaCar (55 minutes): 4/5 €

Train (30 minutes): for free with the Abono Joven/ 12.90 €

6. Guadalajara

Guadalajara | Jesús Ropero Sanz

Guadalajara | Jesús Ropero Sanz

This city, founded by the Romans, is situated on the banks of the river Henares. It preserves various examples of religious architecture. If you don’t want to eat the typical excursion sandwich taste the roast lamb, the speciality of the place.

BlaBlaCar (45 minutes): 3/4 €

Train (35 minutes): for free with the Abono Joven/ 6 €

7. Segovia

Aqueduct | Arrano

Aqueduct | Arrano

The symbol of the city is the Roman Aqueduct. The legend says that it’s the result of a deal between a girl and the devil. She swapped her soul for water. Furthermore, Segovia hosts the house of Antonio Machado, the poet who wrote “Caminante no hay camino” (Wayfarer, there is no path).

BlaBlaCar (70 minutes): 4/5 €

Train (25 minutes): 12.90 €

8. Chinchón

Chinchón | Pablo Cabezos

Chinchón | Pablo Cabezos

Chinchon’s Plaza Mayor is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. If you are in Madrid during Easter, go visit the celebration held in Chinchón: they live it with great intensity.

Train (1h and 20 minutes): for free with the Abono Joven/ 5.20 €

9. Cuenca

Hanging Houses | Colin Moss

Hanging Houses | Colin Moss

The “Hanging Houses” are the city’s most emblematic characteristic. This houses are built straight onto the wall. It’s something incredible! It seems that they are going to fall down.

BlaBlaCar (1h and 40 minutes): 9/10 €

Train (2h and 40 minutes): for free with the Abono Joven/ 15 €

10. Ávila

Medieval walls | Alexwing

Medieval walls | Alexwing

The peculiarity of this city is that It’s still enclosed by its Medieval walls. It also has plenty of religious buildings. Jewish, Muslims and Catholics cohabited in Avila. You still see the traces of this coexistence in the architecture and in the local food.

BlaBlaCar (1h and 20 minutes): 5/6 €

Train (1h and 30 minutes): 9 €

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