Madrid can offer different culinary experiences. The Spanish capital is rich of night clubs where it’s possible to have fun, eating and drinking. It can be found several places where you can eat typical Spanish and Madrileños foods, one of this specialities that you can taste is Chocolate con Churros. It is a combination between a crispy fried dough and an hot Chocolate cup. You can be sure that the effect it’s very delicious, another way to discover Madrid and Spain through the Palate. It’s hard choose a single place where eat this sweetness, however it’s possible make a list about the main “Churrerias” in Madrid.

1 .San Gines

San Gines is the most famous Churreria in Madrid, an Institution. Every day It’s possible look the long lines making out of the entrance, along Pasadizo San Gines, near the Theatre Joy, a few steps away from Puerta del Sol. You could choose to sit inside or not. There are different combination of Churros and Chocolate that San Gines offers, however It’s possible to taste a fantastic Hot Chocolate with thin Churros which are very Crispy. You can soak a Churros in Hot Chocolate for appreciating the Chocolate’s taste. This gastronomic experience is also characterised by a lot of Photos on the walls of the San Gines, representing famous persons.

2 .Mercado San Miguel

Mercado San Miguel (Ice cream) |jon crel

Mercado San Miguel (Ice cream) |jon crel

Mercado San Miguel can be considered one of the most particular and typical place of Madrid’s Social Life. Mercado San Miguel is situated in Plaza San Miguel and inside its Iron structure, You can find a Bar which prepares Churros con Chocolate. The real strength of this Churreria is the location where it is, in fact you can enjoy Good Churros while You are plunged within the real Madrid’s “Movida”, with its people, its sounds, and all the other San Miguel particularities. Here, You can prove the authentical Madrid night life.

3 .Chocolateria Valor

Chocolateria Valor is another famous Churreria in Madrid, where are produced other chocolate sweets beyond the “churros”. The Chocolateria Valor can show off a long History, when Don Valeriano López Lloret and then his Son realised this very important activity. There are different Chocolateria Valor in Madrid, where You can taste their fantastic chocolate. On its Website You can retrace its history, and discover all the Valor’s products. Chocolateria Valor offers fantastic churros with a cup of Azteca Hot Chocolate, which contains a strong Aroma.

4. Churreria Siglo XIX

chocolate con churros | Sputnik 2

chocolate con churros | Sputnik 2

Churreria Siglo XIX is specialized in Churros con Chocolate, here You can taste particular Churros with a strange forms and a good savour. Churreria Siglo XIX is known for the quality of its products and the relative price. Churreria Siglo XIX has a large choose of products, in fact it provides several shops. If you are looking for a place where tasting good Churros, this is the Churreria for you. Many madrileños consider Churreria Siglo XIX the best in Madrid.

5. Antigua Churreria

Antigua Churreria is another Historic Churreria in Madrid. From 1913, Antigua Churreria represents one of the most important place where is possible to taste very good Churros, traditionals and plunged into chocolate. Here, You can try different types of churros: simple, with chocolate or coffee, or with creme. The quality and its price are the best part of this offert.

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