Fall is the best weather for fashion. The variety of pieces one can wear during this season is so fun: cozy sweaters, suede, and neutral colors. I have always personally enjoyed fall and watching the different outfits people put together because you can layer without having to worry about getting sweaty, and it is still warm enough to show off the outfit!

I am fortunate enough to attend Loyola University in Chicago, and it has been a blast watching students wear trendy fall outfits that represent their own individual style. Here’s what I’ve seen – and can’t wait to wear myself!

Trend #1: Denim

My friend, Gabrielle, showing off her denim look | Yasmine Duran

The first trend seen all over campus is denim. Not the traditional Levi’s jean denim, but rather “fun and uniquely styled” denim! My friend Gabrielle, pictured above, shows off her transitional summer to fall outfit; the staple piece of the outfit being her jeans. Rather than pairing the tube top with plain jeans, Gabrielle opted for trendier high waisted denim, with horizontal lines down the front. Over the past year, statement denim has definitely been popular in stores like the Gap, Madewell, and Urban Outfitters, where Gabrielle said she purchased the pair.

Trend #2: Neutrals with pops of colors

My own look, pairing neutrals with a pop of red | Yasmine Duran

Neutral tones and pops of color are also seen during this time. This past weekend, I paired a tan suede dress with red ballet flats. Both pieces purchased at Target for a great deal. I wanted to play with texture and color with the outfit, so I knew that pairing a traditional brown dress with the colorful shoes would definitely be something more bold and different.

Trend #3: Velvet, not suede

My friend Gabrielle, modeling a velvet skirt | Yasmine Duran

Velvet is suede’s big competitor! Both fabrics feel super soft and cozy against the skin, and the material tends to hug the silhouette nicely. Gabrielle models a deep purple velvet mini skirt with a black long sleeve top tucked in. She described her inspiration to be comfortable, but put together as she was attending an event with her sorority sisters.

Trend #4: Overalls

Overalls, making a comeback this fall | via xokatetoday

Overalls make a comeback, and honestly, did they ever leave? Overalls have been the universal symbol of comfort and style. While some may be hesitant, – overalls were a favorite amongst moms from the 80’s,- they have definitely redeemed themselves and are totally cute and comfy for the fall. Pair them with some booties and a cute top underneath.

Trend #5: Printed faux far jackets

My sorority sisters SLAY in faux fur jackets | Yasmine Duran

My sorority sisters SLAY in printed faux fur jackets! Chicago is known to be the Windy City, and lately it has for sure been living up to that name. This past weekend, the girls showed off their wild side and colorful personalities by pairing the statement coats with other trendy pieces, such as the mesh top with a cute bralette underneath, and a denim skirt. The coats are a trend that was seen all over the runway at this year’s New York Fashion Week, and have always been a favorite.

Trend #6: Gingham and plaid print

Gingham and plaid prints | via xokatetoday

Gingham and plaid print are a must for this season. Gingham and plaid are both two prints that I personally do not think have ever gone out of style, but I feel as though this year, fashion has embodied classic prints and made them even trendier. The subtle skirt with a plain top and cute booties is definitely a sleek look and super cute for a night or day in the city. One can dress the look up with an intense makeup look, or keep it fresh and fun with a neutral face.

Trend #7: Quirky accessories

Quirky accessories are a must | Yasmine Duran

Quirky accessories are a girl’s best friend this fall. Fashion has always been very accepting of people’s unique style and personalities. Vintage hats and styled purses are definitely in and can be chic if you carry it with the right attitude. Feel good, look good. In the picture, the girl’s fuzzy round hat definitely is a stand out peace, but her confidence and trendy off the shoulder top ties the look together.

Trend #8: Color block is back

My friend Annie, colorblocking | Yasmine Duran

Color block is also back. My friend Annie is the queen of bringing back to life older prints and mix matching textures. Her color block pencil skirt is a suede material, and so is her light trench. While some may be iffy about the same fabric on each other, her look works because of the low maintenance black top and subtle jewelry. The coat is also light and not too bulky, so it does not distract from the rest of her outfit.

Trend #9: Comfort is key

My friend Thalia, looking comfortable | Yasmine Duran

I think a general rule of thumb is to make sure you are comfortable. My friend Thalia always makes sure to incorporate comfort in her wardrobe. The bubblegum pink jumper gives off a dainty, feminine vibe but her leather jacket toughens up the look. The jacket for sure makes the outfit fall wearable, but the jumpsuit is also a great transitional piece from summer to fall! Pairing the ensemble with some cute sneakers adds to the comfy feel, and is also very in line with fall style.

Trend #10: Mustard and yellow tones & turtlenecks

Mustard colored pants | Yasmine Duran

Mustard and tones of yellow are an essential. While we are so used to neutral colors and the traditional maroon, army green, and nude… pops of color are also trendy during the fall. Burnt yellow and mustard tones compliment any skin tone and are a nice hint of color in the darker weather.

The last trend is a nice mock neck or turtle neck top. My friend in the picture definitely has a passion for fashion and likes to incorporate older pieces with new trends. Her black fur coat is still light enough to not distract from the rest of her outfit. The turtleneck is subtle enough and has an interesting frill texture at the top of the neck. Her leather red boots seal the outfit and make it stand out from a traditional long sleeve and jeans ensemble.

Fall is always a super fun season, from pumpkin patches, coffee shops, and haunted houses, there are so many occasions one can dress up for. What are you wearing this fall? Comment below!