Oatmeal apple and pumpkin crisp | Yasmine Duran

Fall time is the sweetest introduction to all the yummy food that follows during the holiday season. Pumpkin farms, restaurants, and fall themed events all around celebrate fall by releasing these seasonal treats.

Treat #1: Oatmeal apple and pumpkin crisp

Magnolia Bakery has the best oatmeal apple and pumpkin crisp! I am lucky enough to have this bakery across the street from my job in Downtown Chicago. The crust and almonds are the perfect touch to making the dessert not too sweet and very enjoyable.

Treat #2: Apple cider donut

Maybe I am biased- but aside from the PSL (pumpkin spice latte), apple cider donuts are the essential fall treat that everyone must have. I recently visited Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm in Homer Glen, Illinois; they have the best apple cider donuts and warm apple cider to compliment the treat. Again, perfect balance of sweet but not super rich.

Pumpkin Pancakes | Yasmine Duran

Treat #3: Pumpkin pancakes

My boyfriend and I went to Wildberry Cafe in Downtown Chicago this past weekend and celebrated our anniversary with a fall themed breakfast. I had pumpkin pancakes, which filled my sweet tooth craving (it came with just the right amount of cream cheese frosting and chopped apple pieces on top). To wash this tasty plate of hotcakes down, I had a salted caramel latte. I’ll admit, perhaps not the best combination due to the crazy sugar levels, but nonetheless, both were delicious!

Treat #4: Salted caramel latte

Super delicious if one drinks alone or pairs it with a non sweet pastry or food. I paired it with the pumpkin pancakes and had a bit of a headache afterwards. Then again, maybe your sugar tolerance is better than mine?

Treat #5 Pumpkin chai latte

This past week, I had midterm week at my university. I was super stressed out, and the testing continues this week. My go to beverage has been this pumpkin chai latte that I am able to get from my local coffee shop across the street from my apartment. Aside from the stress from tests, I was sick aswell, this drink felt so good along my throat and eliminated all sinus problems I was having. 10/10 recommend!

Treat #6: Pumpkin whoopie pies

Alliance Bakery in Chicago has the best whoopie pies. I am usually not a fan of whoopie pies, but I have to bandwagon  for my favorite seasonal flavor. As soon as I saw them, I had to snap a pic of the cute display!

Treat #7: Pumpkin chocolate chip loaf

My aunt is my family’s best and only baker. Every year, we look forward to her new creations and this year she has came up with a great recipe for a pumpkin chocolate bread. Her secret ingredient allows for the bread to be super moist and chewy, and the chocolate chips compliment the pumpkin taste really well.

Treat #8: Apple cobbler

Who said fall is too cold for ice cream? This traditional American treat was made by one of my best friends and I was definitely impressed. After our long week of studying for exams, she decided to relieve her stress by baking. Her result definitely proved she was able to release any and all stress because the dessert was phenomenal. The vanilla bean ice cream pairs deliciously with a warm slice!

Treat #9: Caramel apple hard candies

This is the simplest and easiest on the go way to celebrate fall. Werther’s Originals are famously known for their coffee and caramel hard candies, but they also have tasty caramel apple flavors to ring in the cooler season. It feels as though you are eating an actual caramel apple minus the mess and hassle.

Treat #10: Oatmeal pumpkin cookie

I baked these myself, and while I do not consider myself much of a baker, I must admit that they turned out pretty good. I used almond milk instead of regular milk, and it left a nice nutty taste to the treat. Definitely an underrated dessert!

With all these tasty treat ideas, definitely go out and explore the desserts fall has to offer!