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Tessa Juliette is the face behind, a blog that chronicles past and present travel adventures along with how-to guides, hotel reviews, and other travel advice she wishes someone would’ve told her. Her mission is to convince others who are reluctant to travel for any reason – lack of funds, reluctance to travel solo, or simple fear of the unknown – to overcome apprehensions, plan an adventure within any budget and seek out new experiences. 

In an exclusive interview, she tells us about how to start collaborating with brands, and more!

Kyoto, Japan | Photo courtesy of Tessa Torrente

You run the Travel Where to Next blog. How did you get started as a travel blogger?

I simply started writing. I know it sounds simple, but I created a blog using Squarespace and just started documenting my tips as I went to different countries. I also started using Instagram to showcase my photography and from there both platforms grew together.  

You also write for The Huffington Post Travel section, as well as several other publications. What advice do you have for young journalists who would like to pitch The Huffington Post?

Just keep trying. Huffington Post is a huge platform that has hundreds of talented writers pitching them every single day. If you think your pitching enough, double it. Eventually, you will get their attention with something that interests them. 

Mirror Lake, New York | Photo courtesy of Tessa Torrente

You have worked with brands such as The Ritz Carlton, Hilton Worldwide and Kempinski. How did you get in touch with these brands?

Don’t sit around waiting for brands to talk to you. Make a list of dream brands and then reach out to them yourself with an idea and concept.

I am constantly on Google looking up hotels contact info, PR info, or specific marketing managers to reach out to. Even if you can’t find a specific persons email address to reach out to email the generic email – but always start with an apology and an ask to forward this to the correct person.  

How much can aspiring bloggers expect to get paid for collabs with brands?

It all depends on the value you bring to brands. Always, always (!) get paid what you are worth. Many brands will want to collaborate for free.

Sometimes that is ok starting out, but don’t undervalue yourself! If you are putting in work you need to be compensated in some form. 

Iceland | Photo courtesy of Tessa Torrente

You have 43K followers on Instagram. What tips do you have for growing an Instagram following?

 Instagram is saturated at this point with so many people, so you want to stand out and develop your own community. It sounds time-consuming, and it is, but it is worth it in the long run. Constantly be using the platform. Respond to comments, comment on other profiles, interact with people in stories and messages.You have to make yourself not only stand out in your photos but also in your personality!

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Tokyo | Photo courtesy of Tessa Torrente