Ah, social media, we love it, and we hate it. There is so much more to it than just posting what you had for dinner, showing us how many gifts you got your kids for Christmas, and even trying to make others envious of your life. Sure these uses are all great, but you can also use social media for so much more, like getting your dream job. Instagram is the perfect platform for this.

Step One: Before we get into the steps of finding that job, make sure that your Instagram is clean and by that I mean before you put that picture up of you drunk make sure you wouldn’t be embarrassed to show it to mom and dad. Remember, potential employers are going to look at your Instagram and ask themselves “Is this the kind of person we want to hire?”

Step Two: Follow the companies you are interested in but don’t overdo it. You want to make sure that you can follow them, comment on their posts, and hashtag them in yours without creeping them out with too much attention.

Step Three: You want to stand out from the crowd, so do your research on these companies. This means when you post and tag you can add a little info about the company. Eg. “Just went to the store and got my fur baby his Purina Pro Plan food. This company definitely cares about animals and believes that excellent nutrition should be available to dogs and cats? They even have a food selector on their site for your fur baby, go and check it out.” Don’t forget to post your furry baby eating his yummy food. And the product! Companies love that. You could also put something in there like “I would love to work for a company like this”. The more you post and tag the company the more they will see how much knowledge you have about them…..This is very impressive.

Step Four: Hashtags. You want to use relevant hashtags in your posts. More people will see what you posted and you never know, someone else could follow you and maybe hire you. When you use hashtags the rule is no more than eight.

Step Five: Network, network, network. Follow those people in the companies that you want to work for who have hiring power. Introduce yourself to them in a professional manner and start communicating and engaging with them on social media. Ask them questions, get a feel if this a company that would fit you. Ask about job opportunities and what they think makes a good employee. Companies like to see that initiative and it shows you are a go-getter.  It’s also okay to tag these people in posts that have to do with their company.

Step Six: Another good idea is to check if you have a common bond with those you follow on Instagram, such as with dogs, cats, books, etc. Those are great conversation starters and could possibly get you in the door of your dream job.