Being different is like being that one person who will go left while everybody goes right, that one person who will wear pink when everyone chooses to wear white. Being different can be risky to those who may feel out of place but, be fierce, strong and bold. Be carefree of others who may not accept you. Being different is cool and creative and a easy way to express yourself. Here are five reasons why it is great to be different.

1. Be Bold

Be Bold | Tyler Stinson

Being bold is the first step in being different. Be a trendsetter and inspire people to be themselves. Feel free to step out and show the world what you can do. Everyone is talented whether their talent  is; art, fashion, hunting, etc.

2. Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box | Vector Art

Try new things, like hobbies. Get out there and connect with other people who have the same interests. You will feel more comfortable if you are around others who are also different. Also surround yourself with things or people  that may inspire you with a new idea. Step out of your comfort zone and experience life at its fullest.

3. Be Open-minded

Open Mind | Hedefleri Bosver Ufuk Tarhan

To be open minded you must first accept yourself and accept that other people have different lifestyles. Also more importantly be judge free! Don’t judge others when you also tend to do things differently. Always try to agree to disagree which is the most polite way to not agree with someone else’s ways. The world is full of incredible talented people but, people tend to judge down on others. If the world was 100% free from judgement then people won’t be ashamed or shy of being different.

 4. Love Yourself

Love Yourself | Marcos Daniel


Loving yourself is a must-do. If you don’t love yourself or the things you do than you need to do something to change that. By changing that does not mean cosmetically. Please know that you are perfect the way you are and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Find things you love doing or explore things that you will eventually love doing. Most importantly love yourself because if you don’t then, others will not seek to love you for you.

5. Be Confident

Be Confident | Jamie Mckillop

Be confident in yourself and know who you are! When you become confident than the hard part goes away. Confidence will allow you to overcome judgement and fear. It is also healthy to be confident because you won’t limit yourself over the negative things.