We live in a modern era full of advancements in technology. A great example of one of these advancements is social media. Social media is a digital platform that connects its users through content, photos, news, and networking, as well as allows them to share their own contributions. Social media allows people from around the world to connect and stay up to date with current trends. Even before social media, celebrities have affected the way society view trends, fashions, and styles. Society tends to idolize celebrities, so we mimic their styles to feel closer to them or to feel more like them ourselves.

Everybody knows the Kardashians, so my first example has to do with one of the most iconic Kardashians there is – Kim. Some people find a trendy hobby by keeping up with the current celebrity trends. One Instagram page, in particular, @kimkarlookbook, shows the different looks that the celebrity Kim Kardashian wears on a daily basis. Most of the styles that Kim wears usually sell out quickly after she is photographed or seen in a certain outfit. Even some of the styles, such as the sporty look, are recreated by other fashion labels to give people cheaper options for recreating this celebrity’s look.


Another example of a celebrity whose style influences the way people dress is Cardi B. Cardi B’s fame grows more and more every day, and the world wants to know what she’s wearing. The Instagram page @Cardibcloset does a detailed breakdown of what she wears at performances, both formal and informal. This page gives the details as to where to find the exact same piece to perfect your Cardi look. This has celebrity made it a little easier than most to get her look. Cardi has recently collaborated with the label FashionNova to create her own signature collection so that everyone who wishes can copy her style.


Last but not least, a personal favorite of mine – Rihanna. Rihanna has been ruling the world of fashion since her first debut back in 2005. Her style has been iconic through the years; one particular moment I admired her style most was at her performance at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in a custom black Vivienne Westwood corset paired with a black skirt done by Adam Selman, completed with Gucci boots and lace gloves by Cornelia James. Through her photos, music videos, and social media posts, she influences her audience to replicate her look. Many fans recreate her iconic looks and post them on social media to share their creations.

The Instagram page @rihannadailystyle wonderfully tracks some of the singer’s most iconic styles and gives the credits to the designers. Rihanna, like other celebrities, has launched her own line of clothing – lingerie in particular – called SavageXFenty, so all of her fans and admirers can cop the look as well.


At the end of the day, we all love our favorite celebrities. Aside from these few examples, there are plenty of influencers who have an impact on what we wear and the way we wear it. Through fashion, we feel connected to them and, in a sense, more like them. Fashion is the freedom to express and dress the way you feel. As styles come and go, one thing will always be certain that celebrities – whether from the past, present, or future – will continue to affect the world’s fashion.