Seychelles is a beautiful little tropical island located off the east coast of Africa. Trying to spot Seychelles on the world map is not exactly an easy task, considering its only 459km2, a minute speck in the vast Indian Ocean. The touchdown of an airplane on the Mahe airstrip near Victoria will make you appreciate the solitude of this place; it’s just serenity personified!

The view along the road as one drives by in the town of Mahe | Ameya Godse

Seychelles is almost the equivalent of a lost paradise, far away from the vertical monotony of bustling cities and rampant urbanization. The breathtaking view alongside the road isn’t that of a super-tall skyscraper or a wonder of the world. It’s just the scenic Seychellois landscape, basking in the warm sun.

The weather here gets really hot, especially during the months of April and May, with unpredictable spells of showers. But the nights cool down the archipelago, resulting in a good balance of temperatures.

The island boasts lush, dense greenery and a multitude of flora and fauna. Despite its remote location, it has a brilliant network of roadways. These are just a few of the reasons why tourists are flocking this island in numbers.

View of Eden islands | Ameya Godse

The Copolia Trail is a hidden gem in Mahe, something everyone should definitely try out if they like hiking. It’s a walking trail with a medium-to-hard difficulty level, so you can put on your sneakers and hit off road!

En route the Copolia Trail in Mahe | Ameya Godse

The Copolia walking trail is a brilliant way of appreciating nature at its absolute best. You get a rare opportunity to be completely in harmony with nature. It’s a feeling of tranquility while walking through a raw, dense tropical jungle. The hike gets steeper toward the end and can get slippery during monsoon, so be prepared to be bruised if you slip and fall. But what’s absolutely worth the effort is the top of the hill, from where you get a bird’s eye view of Mahe.

The view from the top after completing the Copolia trail. | Ameya Godse

The mesmerizing view makes one stand in awe, trying to grasp the immense vastness of nature, the infinite horizon, and the unmatchable perfection with which the ocean blends with the clouds. I stood by the edge of a large rock and kept staring into the void. The bird’s eye view offers a sight of Eden Islands, Victoria, and the airport amongst many other things.

View from the top of Copolia Trail | Ameya Godse

Seychelles is almost universally-known for its beaches. Personally, I haven’t seen prettier beaches in my life than the ones I came across here.

The water is absolutely crystal-clear and sparkling, almost looking like an elixir. The beaches here are so magnificent that they tick every checkbox in the definition of “paradise.”

Greenish-blue water in Seychelles | Ameya Godse

What makes the beaches here so insanely beautiful is the very fact that they are scarcely populated with tourists. There is no doubt that tourism has exponentially risen in Seychelles in the past years. But in relative comparison to other tourist destinations, this exotic island is still a loner in terms of massive foreign influx.
Don’t be surprised if you literally don犀利士
’t come across a single soul on many of the beaches.

Panoramic view of “Grand Anse” in La Digue | Ameya Godse

“La Digue” is a small island and a part of the archipelago of Seychelles. It’s tucked away quietly in the cluster of islands and has a population of only 2,800 people. The people prefer using their bicycles or walking as their primary means of travel and cherish the inherent natural beauty of this place.

Shown above is the panoramic view of Grand Anse, one of the most exotic beaches on the planet. White sand as soft as cotton, blue water as clear as the sky, and the Seychellois weather to complement it, it truly is a sight to behold.

A sunset as seen from Victoria, Seychelles | Ameya Godse

Seychelles also boasts a beautiful botanical garden right in the heart of the city of Victoria. The dense, lush greenery makes it appear like the set of a Jurassic Park movie.

Victoria Botanical Garden | Ameya Godse

Nestled between hilltops under the canopy of a large coconut trees, the walk down the garden is absolutely wonderful.

A random street in Victoria | Ameya Godse

One can never get tired of a place like Seychelles. We have gotten to a point in our lives where we as millennials rely on movies, Netflix, and binge-drinking for recreation. Little do we treasure and value the gifts of nature which we have been forever surrounded by.

A trip to such a place makes you want to sit back, introspect, and appreciate the marvelous natural beauties earth has given us.

Having said that, I absolutely recommend a visit to this island and feel it should be right in the top three spots of your bucket list.