Travel is becoming one of the biggest industries in the world economy due to its ease. Similarly, technology has helped advance our travel experiences with the use of phones and apps that help bring a city to life. However, there are so many apps out there, making it hard to know which are the best for avid travelers. The following five apps will help make your travel experience the best it can be for your next trip.

1. HostelWorld

HostelWorld is a hostel locator for hostels all over the world. Just put in your ideal city, when you would like to stay, and how many guests, and it will come up with different hostels in the area. Besides the usual reviews of the accommodations and what amenities are available, the app does an excellent job at telling you how far the hostel is away from the center of the city. It also shows you where it is on a map, so you can get an idea of what is around the hostel. This app is ideal for people who are backpacking – specifically through Europe – but also throughout the world. Free on Android and Apple.

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2. Worldpackers

Worldpackers is a must for travelers looking for budget-friendly activities to do on their travels. You can choose from work exchanges, social impact activities and eco-programs that you can do while traveling in a country. Once you find a business that interests you, you can contact the host and see when there is availability. The activities vary, but the traditional events will be around five hours per day. The traveler, in return, will sometimes get accommodation as well as food at the location. This app would be handy for travelers that want to have some unique experiences and help the community they are visiting. Free on Android and Apple.

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3. Drops

When traveling, the most challenging part can be communication. However, Drops fixes this common challenge. Drops is a language-learning app that has more than 32 languages and an easy way to learn the words. It simplifies learning by categorizing 13 words into more than 50 categories. Drops give the traveler the ability to learn some of the essential words that will help them get around.

Two versions are available: the free and the paid version. The free version allows you to practice as many words as you can in 5-minute intervals throughout the day; the paid version, which is $160 per year, will enable you to practice as much as you like throughout the day in 15-minute intervals. This app would be best for a traveler that wants to communicate with locals or learn some commonly-used vocabulary. Free download on Android and Apple; subscription required.

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4. Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide is an excellent app for people looking to connect to tours in cities around the world. Just type the location you would like to visit, and you can get tour information and current weather information. It categorizes tours into adventure, food, culture, and history as well as sightseeing. Not only does this app give you some great tour ideas, it also provides city passes and a way to book your transportation if it is needed. This app is incredibly helpful – just book the tour, pay, and open the app when you get to your tour location. Get Your Guide is a fantastic app for the traveler looking to get the most out of their experience in a new city through various activities. Free on Android and Apple.

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5. UniGuide

Have you ever wondered about a historical location and asked what the history behind a building or area is? Or maybe you have been to a museum and wished you got a background of the painting instead of just being able to look at it and read the quick info on the card next to it. This app solves that problem. UniGuide is a self-guided tour of cities and museums within the United States. Just pop in your headphones and learn more than you could ever imagine about a town or location. UniGuide is an excellent app for a traveler exploring the United States. Unfortunately, there are no locations outside the U.S. as of now. Free on Android and Apple.

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As technology advances, travel will become more accessible and more rewarding. Traveling becomes worthwhile when you truly experience the culture and know where to go.  With mobile apps being a daily part of our lives, these five apps look to help make traveling more rewarding and more comfortable.