What better way to travel than through pictures? Not everyone can jump on a plane every couple of months to go see this magnificent world; however, with Instagram, we get that luxury through photos from people who are there. It makes traveling seem exciting and exotic. These top 10 places are places that need to be on our bucket lists, courtesy of Instagram.

1. Havana, Cuba

A forbidden location, Havana, Cuba drips in history and hardship. Outside of the facade of old cars and desolate buildings, Havana brings the traveler back in time. Although Cuba is slowly coming into the 21st century with Internet and cell phones, it still has that frozen-in-time feel.

2. Ubud, Bali

A tropical paradise and easy on the wallet, Ubud, Bali is on every traveler’s bucket list. With Buddist statues, palm trees, and terraced farm fields that Murad Osmann shows so well in this photo, Bali provides an escape from the 21st-century life.

3. Inari Shrine, Kyoto

These beautiful pathways are part of the Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan, which were made in 711 B.C. The shrine is the most important shrine for the Shinto God of Rice. These pathways lead to the forest and the sacred Mount Inari. While you visit, don’t be surprised of all the fox statues; the fox is the messenger to the God of Rice.

4. Monaco

The glitz of Monaco attracts many different people – from movie stars to average travelers. Besides the glamour of Monaco, this country has another claim to fame, as it’s the second-smallest country in the world, right behind Vatican City.  

5. Florence, Italy

Dive deep into the arts of Florence. In the city that started the renaissance, stare at the works of Michangelo and Botacceli as you ponder the architecture from some of the greatest architects in the world. Don’t forget to try the gelato and wine!

6. Granada, Spain

Find your Flamenco dress and shoes while searching through dreamy Granada. Relish the mixture of Arab and Spanish architecture and cultures that thrive in this once-important center for both religions.

7. Maldives

Find your zen life in the Maldives. Located in the Indian Ocean and made up of over 1,200 coral islands, the Maldives has white sand beaches, Indian and Arab cultures, and beautiful wildlife. 

8. Santorini, Greece

The whitewashed buildings need no introduction as Santorini, Greece, continues to awe many travelers. Even with the practicality of white building during extremely hot summers and bright sun, Santorini provides amazing photos and insights into the lives of the former inhabitants with various archeological sites around the island. 

9. Coachella, Palm Springs

Besides the famous musical festival named for the city, Coachella offers much more. A city with a rich Mexican heritage and plenty of art around the city, Coachella offers a hippie vibe that even modern people can enjoy.

10.  Paris, France

Paris offers a lot to a traveler. Fashion, art, and culture stream out of every street. However, the city of light does have a dark history that is worth exploring, as well as the risqué Moulin Rouge.