Spotify, a free music-streaming service, has been aiding students in their studying and traveling endeavors for years by providing the music industry’s latest hits and singles as well as helping students keep up-to-date on the newest podcasts. ​Spotify teamed up with Hulu​, an online video streaming service, to provide current college students with not only a premium account for Spotify’s services, but also one that would allow them and their friends access to a Hulu account for those much-deserved study breaks and movie nights.

With the school year concluding for students, it means that final exams are on their way. Thus, these playlists could be an amazing aid for your study sessions. However, for those who have already checked out of school and are now ready to check into summer vacation,  these are also great playlists for you.

1. Your Favorite Coffeehouse by Spotify

With over 3 million followers to date, “ Your Favorite Coffeehouse” is definitely a must-listen for those who love the feeling of working within coffee houses and or local cafes. This playlists contains about 100 songs to play on repeat as well as songs from your favorite indie and country singers such as Ira Wolf and Phoebe Bridges.

2.   Today’s Top Hits by Spotify

Encompassing a release of some of the newest hits with the most traction, “Today’s Top Hits” has a list of all the singles from your favorites artists that are topping the charts. From tracks off of new albums and EPs to singles that have been around for a while and are now gaining recognition, this playlists is perfect for parties or just long road trips in the car with your pals.

3. Chill Lofi Study Beats by Spotify

The Spotify-created “Chill ​Lofi​ Study Beats” playlist is a mix of lo-fi hip hop and instrumental sounds to curate a variation of music that is a ​mix of various other genres, such as ambient, jazz, and house​; it’s intended to calm listeners and bring them into serenity.

4. New Music Friday By Spotify

When you listen to your favorite playlists and songs on repeat, it is hard to keep with the newest releases from various artists and bands. “New Music Friday” provides listeners an up-to-date list of the newest songs that have recently hit the market.

5. ​Brain Food​ By Spotify

When studying or reading for long periods of time, this playlist is perfect for drowning out the extra unnecessary noise in your environment and allowing yourself to focus on the important tasks at hand. With a mix of chill sounds and tempos to electrifying sounds and fast paced jams, you will have a good mix of all of the sounds you like to hear while focusing.

6. ​Acoustic Morning​ by Spotify

Whether you just need a pick-me-up to start off your morning or just some tunes in the background while you read the morning paper, this playlists has a variety of beats that will not only make you feel motivated to start the morning off right, but also encourage you to relax.

7. Life of a Wannabe Mogul – Bella Thorne ​

Bella Thorne, while an actress, social media influencer, and singer, is also just a regular girl that enjoys listening to music daily. This playlists titled, “Life of a Wannabe Mogul” is her self-curated playlists of her favorite songs to date.

8.  Me and My Girls – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, with her own extensive music career, loves to listen to jams that are not always her own. She created this playlist, titled “Me and My Girls,” as way to jam out to her own singles as well as those of her friends and other celebrated female musicians.