Political journalists. We watch them on television, read about them in the papers, and even tweet them. But, we don’t really know who they are. More times than not, we judge people on their political views and we don’t realize that there are other things in their lives that they are passionate about, such as writing, animals, and their families. One of the greatest things about Instagram is that one picture can say a thousand words.

Here are 11 political journalists that show us that there is more to them then political journalism.

1. Rachel Maddow (@maddowshow)


Rachel Maddow is the host of the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, a published author, and the first open lesbian to anchor a major prime time show in the United States. She graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s Degree and received a Political Science Doctorate from Oxford University.

2. Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes)

Chris Hayes, is the host of All in With Chris Hayes, published author, and editor-at-large of Nation Magazine. Married to his wife Kate since 2007, they have three beautiful children together.

3. Lawrence O’Donnell (@lawrence_odonnell)

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Couldn’t agree more.

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Born in Boston, Massachusetts and Harvard educated, Lawrence O’Donnell is the host of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. He has acting credits as well as consulting producer for the television show “The West Wing” and associate producer for the movie “A Case of Deadly Force.”

4. Karine Jean-Pierre (@k_jeanpierre)

Karine Jean-Pierre is a Lecturer in International Public Affairs at Columbia University, writer and political analyst for MSNBC. She credits her Haitian born parents who immigrated to America for her success. Openly gay, she is also an activist for human rights.

5. Jessica Yellin (@jessicayellin)

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Today millions of students around the world skipped school to protest what they call global climate inaction. They’re demanding that world leaders take dramatic steps to stop the damage caused by climate change, now. The protests were inspired by Greta Thunberg. The 16 year old Swedish climate activist became famous for walking out of her Stockholm school and accusing her leaders of putting her future in jeapordy.  She is modeling a different way of life and last month traveled from Sweden to the US on a zero-emission yatch. Today she told a crowd in New York City: “Our house is on fire. We will not just stand aside and watch.” (For more on her campaign see #NNN post called “Their Future.” It’s posted in the gallery on March 15, 2019.) The protests are taking place three days before the UN holds a Climate Action Summit and as the US rolls back environmental regulations. According to an analysis by the New  York Times, the Trump Administration is backing off 85 environmental rules.  The administration argues that many of these regulations are unnecessary, unproven, and/or a burden on business. The President has questioned whether climate change is real. According to NOAA (a US agency that gathers data on the environment) the last four years were the hottest on record. In 2018 parts of Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East and Russia experienced record high temperatures. And temperatures on the surface of the ocean are climbing as well. The climate activists hope this protest will pressure political and corporate leaders to embrace policy changes. One US company that’s felt the sting: Amazon. It’s among the top contributors to global emissions and Thursday CEO Jeff Bezos announced the company will start following stricter guidelines to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. The Climate Summit takes place Monday at the UN. #un #climate #climatechange #climateprotest #newsnotnoise #news

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Also Harvard educated, Jessica is described as one of the most influential women in Washington. She was the Chief White House Correspondent for CNN from 2011-2013. She has now taken to Instagram to coin the #newsnotnoise movement, posting videos on Instagram to show the real side of the news, in an understandable manner. In her spare time, she likes to travel and spend time with her family.

6. Philip Rucker (@philiprucker)

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Let’s Go Nats! ⚾️

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Philip Rucker holds a Bachelors degree in History from Yale University and is now a reporter and the White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner and also a strong supporter of gay rights.

7. Natasha Bertrand (@natashabertrand)


Natasha Bertrand was educated at Vassar College and the London School of Economics. Fluent in Spanish, Natasha is the national security correspondent at Politico, as well as a NBC News and MSNBC contributor. On her Instagram, she makes it clear that she is also a lover of golden retrievers and very into running.

8. Christiane Amanpour (@camanpour)


Christiane Amanpour is a British-Iranian reporter, CNN Chief International Anchor, Host of CNN Int’l and PBS’s nightly global affairs program. She is fluent in English and Persian. Fun fact: she has made a few appearances in movies such as Iron Man 2 and The Pink Panther.

9. Nick Robinson (@nickrobinsonbbc)

Nick Robinson is a British reporter and currently a presenter on BBC’s Today program. He is a Manchester United Fan, sailor, and lover of theater and the music group Queen. He and his wife Pippa have been married since 1991 and they have three children.

10. Joy Reid (@joyannreid)


Joy Reid is a national correspondent at MSNBC, host of AM Joy, published author, and Harvard graduate. Married to Jason Reid, the two have three children together.

11. Mika Brzeniski (@mikabrzezinski)

Mika Brzeniski is an author, and co-host of Morning Joe with her husband Joe Scarborough. She is a fighter for women’s equality in equal pay. Mika has two children with her first husband but also considers her job her third child.