WARSAW, POLAND. If you want a place with comfortable seating and a nice atmosphere to chat with friends, here you have it. If you want a grab-and-go, you’ve got that too. In fact, you have it all in Warsaw thanks to its new burger scene. What everyone loves most about these craft burgers is that they are filled with different, tasty and fresh ingredients.

In the Polish capital, you can find all types of burgers, from the typical, greasy American classic to healthy and chic varieties. They all have a special twist, using daily Polish ingredients like vegetables, slaw and cheese. Polish people love cheese, and they’ll experiment with a range of different cheeses on their burgers. Warsaw offers a wide range of international food, and there are places worth visiting for any burger-lover.

Brooklyn Burgers & Hot Wings is a small restaurant located on Nowy Swiat, or New Town, in the center of Warsaw. This busy street is filled with many shops and restaurants, whose smell and appearance charm and captivate the senses. Brooklyn Burgers & Hot Wings stands out with its orange decal at the storefront and the fact that its small space is always full. For those seeking a bit of the USA, this is a great place with Americana decor and music. The burgers do not disappoint. Served on a cute little plank of wood and eaten with complimentary plastic gloves, these burgers are tasty. A tip: the burger with honey mustard is a good place to start.

Bobby Burger opened in 2012 and soon spread throughout Warsaw. The restaurants have a clean design and modern decor, with colors like black, white, and a bit of neon. They serve a wide variety of burgers, from classics with bacon to spicy or vegetarian. You can even order mac and cheese, pancakes and nachos. As is usual in the city, the portions are big, and you’re able to choose the sauce for your french fries along with a soda, lemonade or hot tea, depending on the season.

Finally, we have the Barn Burger, where true Warsaw burger fans will feel at home. Prices are a little higher than most similar restaurants, but it’s due to their vast and delicious offerings. Try “Sex & Violence,” with arugula, crispy bacon, cheese, salsa, vegetables, slaw and 200g of meat, or “Heart Attack,” with double bacon, double cheese, vegetables, slaw, 200g of beef and BBQ sauce. For many, these are the best burgers in Warsaw: affordable, with a selection of regional beers, traditional and seasonal menus, generous portions and, like almost all the restaurants that are worth going to in the city, with a high probability of being crowded.