LIVERPOOL, BRITAIN. There is no doubt that Liverpool is one of the most famous English towns, well known because of the band, the Beatles, and the Liverpool Football Club. However, there is much more to be found in this great town with an exciting and friendly atmosphere.

Liverpool’s history dates back from many centuries ago. It became a really popular tourist destination due to the popularity of the Beatles. As the home town of the talented group and as a host of one of the most famous football stadium, many people come to visit the town.

There are numerous of places to visit in Liverpool. Liverpool offers different sights and activities that can be found in a single area. A good place to start would be the Liverpool wheel. Though it may not be the first place many people would choose to visit, Liverpool’s Ferris wheel is a great sight and activity. Liverpool provides some attractive buildings and architecture that have been hugely admired.

Another place worth a visit is Liverpool’s museum which has many great artworks including beautiful paintings, sculptures, inventions, a talking parrot toy and an enormously built sandwich tower. In the museum, the history of the town is depicted by pictures and works of art and walk is provided for free. A shop is available on the ground floor where visitors can find many items starting from Beatles and Liverpool FC souvenirs to marine souvenirs and great prints. A tour guide can be hired and it is highly recommended because they provide the stories behind the great works. One can listen for the legendary Titanic ship and can find out about the history which includes the problem with the ice-berg and the truth about why so many people died. A live performance of talented actors is also available.

A visit to the Beatles shop and museum is highly recommended. It is one of the most famous places to visit and it offers an interesting history of the Beatles, from the formation of the group until the end of the band. While walking through story pictures of the Beatles, visitors can listen to the ‘’Yellow submarine’’ and find some authentic records, posters and merchandises. There is a great atmosphere which adds to the imagination of what it would have been like living at the time when the Beatles gained popularity.

Another place to visit is the Merseyside Maritime Museum which has amazing marine pictures, sculptures, paintings, souvenirs and much more and is more than a fulfilled dream for anybody who wishes to be a sailor.

Last but not least, a place that is highly recommended to visit is the Liverpool Football Club stadium. A stadium tour is available to learn more about the history of the stadium, the footballers, the trophies and much more information. It must be noted that the stadium is very far away from the centre of the town and the museums, famous buildings and a stadium tour takes up to three hours.

Liverpool is a beautiful town full of friendly people and it has an amazing environment, good shopping centres, beautiful architecture, many famous and interesting places to visit and an amazing nightlife. It is a town definitely worth visiting and a place many people would find difficult to forget.