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ISRAEL. While the Holocaust warranted sympathy for the Jewish people, Israel has proven to be a very “bad kid” since birth; contrary to most infants who are helpless at that stage in life, Israel first act proved it was no ordinary baby. By seizing Palestinian lands and expulsing its residents, Israel seemed to have justified whatever fate the Holocaust brought on the Jewish people.

Israel’s leaders did not take long to inflict on the Palestinian people similar fate the Jewish people were subjected under the Nazis; unfortunately, the world’s sympathy towards a newborn nation, the State of Israel, clouded most everyone’s judgment. It must have been the long suffering of the Holocaust that had caused Israel’s leaders to act irrationally, so it went with the thinking; thus, Israel got a pass, was given time to think and act normal. What a mistake the world made in regards to Israel! Most everyone misread Israel state of mind; it was not grieving. It was not suffering. Its leaders didn’t need time to act rationally.

Just recently in July 2014, during the conflict with The Palestine, Israel committed atrocities that would have evoked severe actions from the West, has it been any other country. Even the UN expressed concerns that Israel may have committed war crimes; Israel shelled civilian locations indiscriminately. In one instance, despite having been warned by the UN more than 15 times of a particular building where civilians took shelter, Israel shelled the building anyway. Today, UN investigation into the matter has been stonewalled by Israel, using the anti-Semitism card.

As expected, Israel ran to the US for help to avoid being tried in the International Tribunal for war crimes. This is not a case on behalf of Hamas or The Palestine as that side had committed its share of atrocities as well. The main issue is lost at wars and in wars of words between the two sides. Since 1949, Israel has been gradually, steadily stolen away Palestinian lands, expulsing its residents and establishing Jewish settlements; despite condemnation by the International community – vetoed by US of course -, Israel has continued its campaign of displacing Palestinians. Just recently on August 31, 2014, Israel appropriated 1,000 acres of Virgin Hills for a proposed new city, Givaot; a land in the occupied West Bank which belongs to The Palestine. “Israel Can Do No Harm” is a documentary that provides a comprehensive analysis of the conflict between Israel and The Palestine.

The world can no longer sit idle, giving Israel a pass on the atrocities it has been committing against the Palestinians. Israel can no longer use the “Holocaust victim card” as a shield. One would think that “a people” who had suffered such atrocity as the Holocaust would be sympathetic towards others. Instead, Israel has been acted as evil as and sometimes more so than the people it claims are evil. It’s time the international community bring Israel in line, just like it would any other country that act similarly towards other people. If Jesus was born in Israel, today the devil reigns there. Israel is a wolf mistaken for a lamb.