Dear Self,

Don’t ever let fear cloud your mind. I know that there are dreams inside of you—dreams that may be too big or too extravagant or too taboo to consider, but do it. Do it. Dreams fuel the mind and body and soul. Without those babies, what would you think or feel or act like? Getting lost in “space” is healthy—don’t feel guilty for doing so. Sometimes daydreams ARE more important than the math problem on the board, or the presentation on Newton’s laws. The mind would be grey without the vibrancy of visions.

Oh self, I say to forgo fear, because it is heavy and stifling. It knows no boundaries or limits—it will overwhelm and conquer you…if you let it. Fear is the killer of dreams. Being afraid is toxic, yet inevitable. Oh self, you will encounter moments when you cannot help but to feel afraid. To feel helpless, even. You will feel this hefty sadness overtake you, and it will drive you to make decisions that you never imagined. Decisions that will, in the future, only remind you of the time you fell victim to fear.

I am reluctant to tell you, that I am an outcome of being fearful. I am writing this now during a slight moment of clarity. I say slight, because I see my fear hovering close by, ready to tackle me—and I sit here like a fool waiting for its return, because I know it will come back…and I will let it. I am writing this to say, fear will come, take it, but don’t keep it. Be stronger than I am, and release it. Free it. It will clean the path for your dreams to again run rampantly. Let your dreams run, and this time, oh dearest self, run with them.