Are you not a big fan of drinking water? Is the taste too dull for you? If you have answered yes, these quick water infused combinations are perfect for you. Let’s not forget: it is very important to drink water daily, especially with summer around the corner.

We are human and sometimes we crave sugary drinks with our meals. However, those drinks can really suck out all the energy in us. With summer around the corner it might seem almost impossible to avoid sodas and lemonades. Especially if you are trying to eat and drink healthier. Don’t feel guilty my friends. There are alternatives to sugary drinks that actually taste good.

Skip the soda this summer and try making fruit infused water. They are perfect for a BBQ, dinner, or just to have on a hot day. They are healthy, delicious, and only take about ten minutes to make. And yes, they do taste as good as they look!


  1. Green tea, mint leaves, and lime.
  2. Cucumber, strawberry, and kiwi.
  3. Cucumber, lemon, and lime.
  4. Lime, orange, and lemon.

You may add ice. I recommend adding ice because it gives it that extra sparkly taste. Feel free to experiment with different ingredients. You can also check out some great recipes here on Pinterest.