This vibrant capital is home to just the right mixture of history as well new modernity, coated with a influences from all over the world, resulting in a melting pot of various cultures. One element that resulted from all the mixtures is how London is home to a number of open air and close markets that are held in some days of the week. Let us take you through four of the lot and through the narrow roads tucked between the lively stalls of food, clothes, and every other Knick knack you could think of.

Portobello Road Market

Starting from the west of London, amongst the famous Notting Hill area, is the Portobello Road Market. As its name, it is situated exactly in Portobello road, accompanied with the typical colorful British flats. A long line of stalls of antiques, clothing and accessories, and vintage knick knacks and food from various countries are available on its main day on Saturday as well as some on Friday, even though the market is basically open every other day. Portobello Road holds a picturesque setting whilst meticulously searching for those vintage bits and pieces.

The Brick Lane Area

Then we head to east to the brick lane area. Just work your way up to the Shoreditch High Street train station and walk a few minutes to the Old Truman Brewery . As its name, the various markets and creative small businesses in this particular area are situated inside and amongst an old brewery. Such markets include the Sunday Up Market, a market that facilitates over 140 stalls of art, music and food. If you have the whole Sunday free, a great thing would be to explore all corners of the area including going a bit underground to the vintage market that sells records and any vintage clothing you could ever want as well as finding the tasteful and diverse food stalls in the boiler house food hall.

Old Spitalfields Market

Still in the east, If you just walk further a few minutes from the brewery, you will bound to find another gem in the area, which is the Old Spitalfields Market. Now, you kind of get used to the markets in this area and what ambience they offer you, as this market also offers something of the quaint and vintage.

Borough Market

Feeling a bit knackered of all the vintage knick knacks? Then a short trip to this famous food market would do the trick. The usual full market selling fruits, vegetables, dairy products, the bakery, and poultry are open on Wednesdays until Saturdays, whilst the market also opens for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays, where people can choose from a number of stalls selling artisan foods, coffee, Mediterranean, Thai, Egyptian, British, Argentinean dishes, and a whole lot more delicacies from around the world. A vibrant ambiance, good food, good friends, good talks, would be the perfect day out in London.