An island that is vibrant, diverse, colorful, flavorful, and is filled with all that mother nature can offer, Bali also is home to its famous traditional markets, or Pasar Tradisional in its local form, that support the economy of the local citizens there, make sure that the traditional-local-culture is kept intact, as well as being a good place to visit whilst in Bali. One can merely visit the markets to take pictures of the interesting goods, sights, merchants as well as to walk around to directly experience meeting Bali’s people, and even practice some bargaining skills you usually don’t use.

The first one would be Ubud Market. Those visiting the serene and artsy town of Ubud, should not miss out on the traditional Ubud Market. Though it is a mecca for tourists and souvenirs,  start the day early, maybe around 6 AM, and spend some time going through all the stalls and find some good pieces of art for a bargain. The souvenir prices are also alright, but the key to bargain well with the sellers.

Pasar Ubud  |

Pasar Ubud |

Another Market that is famous for its art (paintings, necklaces, bracelets, handicrafts, clothing) is Sukawati Art Market. This market is a renowned market, so expect to receive some high prices by the merchants, yet you can still have cheap goods if you are willing to bargain. One tip is that prices of certain traditional clothing, necklaces, and accessories does not go beyond Rp 50,000 (local currency) or 4, so do not settle for more.

Experience the culture and the religion of the Balinese people in markets: A sight of a local merchant giving offerings

Experience the culture and the religion of the Balinese people in markets: A sight of a local merchant giving offerings

The next choice is somewhat less traditional than the previous ones, and would be for the ones searching for traditional food and Balinese spa products for souvenirs. It is the Kumbasari Market, located in the capital city, which is Denpasar.

Lastly on the list of recommendation list is the Gianyar Night Market or “Pasar Senggol Gianyar” as locals like to call it. After a long humid sweaty day in the streets of Bali, what better way to end it than to eat! Traditional Indonesian, or Balinese food, is one of the best you could taste, and this night market houses all that you need to taste from Balinese traditional food, from rice served with numerous traditional side dishes, to Sate (meat on skillets served with Indonesian sauces), and Bali’s favorite Babi Guling, or roasted pig.

To get to these markets, some tours and what not offer various packages and taxis would kindly bring you there, but those are choices for the ones with more budget, and you should also be careful because they may offer you high prices. For travelers on a tight budget, as usual, an good alternative is to rent a motorbike that will get you to basically anywhere in the island! Or if you are going with a bunch, just rent a car for your own, and rely on the navigation applications you have.