There are so many restaurants to chose from when you’re in Madrid. Instead of choosing a new cuisine from restaurant, why not chose something from a food truck! In Madrid, food trucks are popular in tourist areas, especially in festivals and city events.

Recently in Madrid, there was a food festival called MadrEat. So many food trucks showed up for consumers to chose from. Trucks from desert foods, to just beverages to different types of ethnic foods.


Frankfurt’s food truck is an exclusive truck to Madrid. It’s popular around winter time because they sell warmer foods such as sausages, hot dogs, ham and beef sandwiches. To find out events the truck will attend and more information, follow them on twitter @FrankfurtsMad. More information on Frankfurts truck

Cervezas La Virgen:

Cervezas La Virgen is another popular food truck that is exclusively in Madrid. Its one of the best for authentic traditional foods like calamari sandwich with black garlic aioli, bobby veal, chicken Chilindrón with weekly specials: dogs black bread made with beer. With each meal they serve beer. This food truck can be found or booked for events. It’s commonly found near the Las Rozas Metro station, parked from Wed-Fri: 6:30 to midnight, Sat: noon to 4pm as well as 6:30 t0 midnight & Sun:noon to 4pm. For more information on Location and daily specials follow them on twitter @CervezasLaVirgen. More information on Cervezas La Virgen


The restaurant Arzabal, near Calle De O’Donnell, owns a food truck specifically for wines and different types of champagnes. The truck is seen at most events around Madrid. For more information, look on their Facebook page to know when the truck is driving out.

When you’re visiting Madrid, you don’t always have to eat a restaurant. Try something new like a food truck! If you want to find a food truck near you anywhere in Spain, follow @foodtruckya and visit their website