A tropical island such as Bali houses some of the greatest sunset views one could ever achieve to watch, and most of them are actually free of charge to enter. Get some good company, food and drinks and get yourselves to these places to see the sun go down.

Seminyak Beach

One of the places you could enter for free to enjoy the beautiful red-orange-purple typical skied sunset that you get to meet in this island. However, there are a few restaurants in along the beach that you could try.


There are two choices in this area (amongst the lot) that could would be a good idea for a sunset watch. First is to settle down at a small quaint eatery situated in the edge of a cliff called Single Fin, though you would need to order some food or drinks.

The next one is to catch the sunset whilst watching one of Indonesia’s most renowned traditional dances that originated from Bali, which is the Kecak Dance. An intense and interesting way to end the day that will only cost you around 5 to watch the performance.


The recommendations from this area are not free ones and may require a bit out of the wallet, yet they do offer some quite great views of the sunset. First would be to spend the evening at Rock Bar. A bar situated on a cliff and is part of the Ayana Resort.

The next one is a must-visit when you visit the Island, which is to eat dinner at one of the famous seafood restaurants along the coast of the Jimbaran area. Make sure the weather is nice, so you could easily enjoy the meal outside the restaurant on the beach.

Tanah Lot

A beautiful sunset could be caught accompanied by the rock formations in Tanah Lot as well as the temple that is situated there.

Kelan Beach
This last alternative is quite unique and maybe an acquired taste for those who likes photography. In this beach, you could catch the sunset whilst watching the planes land in Bali’s international airport.