We live in an epoch of innovations and comforts but, undoubtedly we are always on rush, giving less and less time to real pleasures and contemplations. We pretend that we know the ways of the world as we are always connected; we behave as we are dominators and we start to forget how to live simply. Of course, this is not true for everybody in the world but I believe that this is the general tendency of the 21th century society. This tendency, moreover, includes an inclination to live virtually, excluding real contacts among human beings and nature and usually what is considered beautiful is only an artificial object dictated by the trends of the moment. We have lost the sense of connection between us and we have started to lose also stimulus to regenerate our culture.

So, what is the solution for this impoverishment of the soul? Of course, the fire of creativity is never extinguished, and I think that one of the possible solutions for the crisis of the soul could be a rediscovering of the importance of creativity and creative works in our lives. Through art we can dream, imagine, learn, think, discover, love and many, many other things. Art is what help us to live better and to bear better harshness. Among the arts, one has always stand out for its importance and fascination on people: literature.

Literature has the power to redefine lives, to create them and to move feelings and ideas. Moreover, it can influence powers and nations through its spirit. But, above all, literature teaches us everything. Through books and their authors, we can really learn almost everything that it is contained in the universe. Literature has described, through centuries of work, how our heart and our feeling function. Literature has instilled courage in men’s hearts. It has been books that have made laugh and cry humanity for centuries. Moreover, books have also taught us how to cope with failures and disappointments, with unrequited loves and with pressures from societies. Literature pours over us its wisdom and it enables us to appreciate fully life in all its aspects. Sometimes reading a book can be better than a medicine, a book can really be a faithful friend. Sometimes it can help us to understand why we loathe something or even help us to understand our Hate, as it helps to understand Love. Literature is universal, it exists without borders, colours, genre and discriminations. Literature has no fear to be and to express ideas.


For these and many other explanations on why literature is important and how it can help us check out this funny video by The School of Life – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RCFLobfqcw – and now, wherever you are, just pick up a book and start lo live an enriched existence.