A special talk with the phylosophy professor and Yoga instructor, Marco Falivena

  • What is Yoga?

Yoga is a discipline, a path, a new vision of life.

It originates from India and is an ancient practice: the first written records go back to holy texts from 3000/4000 years ago. Its science was transmitted secretly for thousands of years.

Then, from the second century BC on, it begins to gain more popularity thanks to the wise Patanjali and the entire knowledge of yoga gets systematized in written form in the classical work of “Yoga Sutras”.

  • What is the wrong  that circulate about Yoga?

Yoga is often and wrongly combined with other practices (“Yoga Dance”, “Sauna Yoga” ) and in the catholic world, lots of religious people think of Yoga as a satanic practice.

Practising Yoga in a good centre and doing experience of the discipline, is the only way to correct the dangerous spread of false information.

  • What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga helps you to stay healthy, to improve the muscle-tonus and to increase the capacity to withstand stress.

Dissolve” the mind to “dissolve” the body.

The first benefits that can be felt by the practice affect the ability to relax and the quality of sleep.

Over time, yoga becomes a path that aims to work on the individual and on his personality. In fact, the benefits are felt more mentally and embrace various aspects of life.


Obviously, yoga is a practice so it must be put into practice. It takes a little patience and perseverance, but the results can be felt from the first session on.

  • Why has yoga become so popular in Italy over recent years?

In Italy we can talk about a real yoga trend.

Yoga is the reflection of an always more stressed society, incapable to take a break or to follow a correct interior discipline.

It’s becoming trendy to immerse into oriental disciplines. The consequence is the increasing number of  people who act as yoga teachers and spread wrong and confusing messages.

  • Why are we becoming so incapable to relax?

Because we are used to worry about something or someone too much.

  • Can yoga be practised by children?

Children who are at least four years old can practise yoga.

Yoga is a prevention of wrong postures and promote the correct development of  skeletal muscles,  so it is a useful support for their growth.

  • How did yoga improve your life?

Yoga taught me to live life with a positive aptitude and to find a centre of equilibrium.

I have become more flexible and I have started to think of problems with more energy and less fear.

In summary, Yoga has changed my vision of the world.

  • How can pain reactions  become less destructive?

Thinking about pain with gratitude. Everything that happens to us, even pain, is an occasion to work on our hidden beauty.

Converting pain in occasion lets you accept the darkness that wrap our existence .

Only when the night touches its darkest moments, it starts to dawn.