Ánimo Weng, a swedish student, during her gap year in India did a yoga course that completely changed her future. In this interview she talks about her own experience giving also great tips to other travelers willing to do the same.

Why did you decide to complete a yoga training course during your gap year?

Ánimo Weng:  I had been practising yoga for some years and l wanted to learn more about it. My intension wasn’t to teach, but during the course l knew l wanted to share yoga with others.

Where did you take the course?
Goa, in India.

How many days per week?
Monday to Friday and Saturday morning.

How many hours?
200 hours

What did it cost?
Around 1100 €

Who was your teacher and how the course was organized?
The teacher team l had was amazing with a great energy and passion about yoga.

Since then, have you obtained any jobs thanks to this course?
Yes, l´m teaching yoga classes every week at a training enter and l have organised a class for collection to the people in Nepal after the earthquake.

Did you have to take any additional exams?
No, but l will do another course to gain more knowledge. It´s so much to learn.

What advice do you have for other travelers who want to take a yoga training course in order to work abroad?
Make some research before you decide where you want to go, a great webside for it is www.yogattc.inf

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