Therefore, you decided to get involved from the American dream and you are planning to move you in the United States. The image of USA as land of opportunity has contributed to create the myth of “self-made” man in USA, but be careful, you have to take into account what it’s needed to move to the United States and find work.

Why do you move?

Before leaving, think about the real intentions, if you want a temporary or try to transfer you with no time limit. You have to decide in which city move, what kind of work and above all, you have to know the language; the services offered by the country; health care; social security and the job prospects.

Here are some tips to do the right thing.

Temporary or permanent transfer?

In order to remain in the United States, it is important to decide if you want to stay for more or less than 90 days. If you plan to transfer more or less stably, you need to look for a job before leaving. Having a job is the only requirement to obtain a visa; it changes depending on the duration of the employment contract and the relative permanence in the territory.


There are two classifications of USA visas: immigrant and non-immigrant:
Non-immigrant visas are for people with permanent residence outside of the USA, entering the country on a temporary basis: tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work or study, according to the law and regulations.

Green card

The Green Card is a Permanent Resident Card, the visa allows foreigners to live and work within the USA without restrictions. Once obtained must be renewed after 10 years from the date of issuance.

There are three ways to get it:

Family Immigration Green Card, which is achieved through the family and it is necessary that a relative enters a request for Immigrant Visa and cost approximately $ 500.

Employment Immigration Green Card, which is obtained through a sponsor, usually the employer who takes on.

Green Card Lottery, the famous Diversity Visa Lottery Program, which each year is giving away 50,000 green card. The only way to enter the draw is to register free of charge at website of dvlottery no later than the period indicated. The requirements for participation are to be born in a country participating in the program and the possession of a diploma.

Who gets the green card, gets access to health services and education but does not get the citizenship and has no voting rights. Five years after the release of the Green Card, it is also possible to apply for US citizenship.

Find a job

Rather than finding a job, the real difficulty is to obtain a visa in the United States. Searching for work, a good starting point would be to consult job ads in newspapers and magazines, as well as, online version of The New York Times or The Washington Post. There are also many portals aimed at finding a job like Monster, Manpower or social networks such as LinkedIn, representing consolidated reality to seek a job. For those already stay in the United States, it is worth going to in one of 2.000 Employment Service Centers that are scattered in many American cities.


Companies seeking the most qualified personnel publishing their listings or cater to the headhunters. They are important private agencies of recruiters of senior positions or highly qualified. About the 70% of candidates for managerial positions based through agencies of this type. The recruiting firms are often specialized on certain sectors, such as finance, insurance, healthcare or industry.

Resume and cover letter

To find companies that have open positions, the easiest way is to send a resume, following properly the demands of each company.

The curricula must follow criteria mostly standardized and must be accompanied by a cover letter. Do not use the EU format, resume format is required, much more clear to describe who you are, schematically and unfussy, with studies, work experience and references. Important is the role of the cover letter, you need to explain why we can be the ideal candidate for a particular position and why we want to be part of that particular company.

Figures Popular

Remember that in North America there is not the idea of a permanent job, in fact, is very frequently change jobs and move from one company to another. The sectors most demanded are those such as agriculture and construction. However, according to experts of the labor market, the technology sector is the one that offers more opportunities, especially for those with technical degrees and experience in the field. Other growing sectors are the manufacturing and services and the alternative energy sector. Little chance in the media, as the language is a strong discriminating.

So what are you waiting for?

Have a lucky trip in search of the American dream.