Italy is the perfect country. Good food, good music, the ideal climate for every need and a landscape that varies from mountains, to beautiful beaches, idyllic islands, hills, forests and parks. The Bel Paese: a small country, but known throughout the world. Tourist destination chosen by the majority of foreigners who cannot give up the cultural visit like Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Florence, but also Sorrento, Salento, Sicily and Sardinia.


In the summer all at sea and in the winter all to the mountains thanks to the numerous ski slopes located mainly in the Alps. Italy exudes beauty and culture from every pore, but also excellent cuisine renowned and imitated worldwide. No wonder if those who taste the pizza in Italy, hardly none are impressed. In short, it’s a perfect country to visit is out of the question.


The problems come when you have to live in Italy. For an Italian there is nothing worse than leaving your country for reasons beyond his control. No one thinks that spend their life in Italy is a bad thing and not realize it just when he is forced to go away, mainly in search of work. But it is true that when you leave, on the one hand what you leave it all looks nice, the other one realizes better than things that are not working.

Transport, for example, so tips and cleaned in other countries, are a plague for the Italian people who could spend hours waiting for a medium that perhaps does not come, maybe not clean and probably will continue to lag.

It realizes how important it is also in the other countries the timeliness and clarity: the payments, for example. Italians who go to work abroad probably will not get rich – at least from the economic point of view – but they feel rich because they are respected.

Then cleaning is something that cannot be underestimated. If the countries of northern Europe is almost a must have to keep clean, in Italy it is an issue of worldwide importance, as well as national. That garbage that often seen on TV crowded street corners, is a resource for those nations that have taken advantage through recycling, the returnable, etc.

A regret the Italian forced to go is feeling powerless in terms of politics. Despite democracy, there is almost nothing that the citizen can decide or do. And it is the policy, adversely known throughout the world not to work. Public debt and a sudden change of government does not leave the possibility of hope to continue to live in their country without suffering daily tax increase and addition of new ones.

Another negative note is education, underestimated by all points of view: by the state, by the students and teachers themselves. Pay large fees to study at the university is not the best option for those who find master free abroad.

The closed-mindedness of Italian is more tangible in terms of those that go, because we are not used to go out and enjoy the beauty of the other places. The Italian is more inclined to the constant comparison with what he has, focusing on the positive things.

But there is an Italian that he puts back foot in his homeland does a sigh of relief, feeling the warmth of the people and the smell of home.