The economic crisis does not seem to leave the European zone and even Italy as the Italian economy still presents difficulties in economic recovering.One of the biggest problems of the Italian economic concerns  youth unemployment and the lack of real job opportunities for many young graduates. The government hopes that morebig  companies and multinationals decide to invest in Italy, thus increasing jobs for youngers.

Probably there are also other economic solutions over multinational companies. Tourism for example could be an strategic card for Italy, a unique asset.
When we are talking about tourism in Italy it concerns a huge sector with an incredible scale. From the Mountains, Alpes and Appennini to the seaside tourism till the main sector of the cultural turism. It is a truly gold mine for Italy.
Let us take the example of the seaside tourism: Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia are a wonderful places but they are not the the unique: Tuscany, Emilia, Toscana have a lot of seaside attractions.

The real boost for the Italian economy recovery could just go from culture, art and our cultural cities. Only by naming Rome, Florence and Venice you can figure out which is the real Italian treasure.

Italy can and should focus more on culture and art; we still attrach more tourists from all parts of the world. Even more than we do now.

In fact, in 2014 Italy was confirmed in fifth place for international arrivals: so the beautiful country remains one of the most sought for destinations. Then tourism in economic term means today 10% of the national GDP.

The most symbolic example is once again Rome. The capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but it has, actually, less tourism in Paris and London. The main reason  must be tracked in negligence and degradation that is in the city and also in the lack of investment for the conservation of cultural heritage.

Cultural heritage which mean work for young Italian, major attraction for tourists and a treasure to be kept and share.  Actually tourism can become the wining card of Italy. We have to invest in cultural heritage, structures, land preservation and increase funding for tourism.