Nowadays, any other traveler would bring a camera with them to a journey, yet a focus on the documentation is sometimes neglected. It is true that to live in the moment whilst traveling is one of the most essential things, but to capture the journey along the way is not less important. Sometimes, the focus on which device to bring is not put on a spotlight, even though some productive results can be achieved by simply focusing the documentation of your travel journey. Here are two simple reasons of why you should capture your journey thoroughly.

The first and foremost reason is that to capture your journey nicely would be a self-satisfying thing. To look back in the journey you made with your friends, to look at the pictures of the amazing view you just can’t believe you’ve visited before, it all can cause the nostalgic tingly feels of wanderlust.

Other than for yourself, other people can also benefit. These amazing pictures of places a lot of people has never visited before, or a small piece of writing that could help other travelers are basically one of the main reason why you should capture your journey. This does not mean that one has to come into journalism, but any other individual could simply do this in their own way and it can actually be an inspiration for other people to travel. Wanderlust can definitely spread as you share your journey to the world, and that is one positive thing to spread. Well, who knows, maybe you can actually make something out of the documentation?