In Rome, you just can’t help falling in love.

At each corner, each side, every day, on the way or by yourself.
In italian “falling in love” is “innamorarsi“. A reflexive form used to say you’ve lost your mind at that bet we call life.
To me, to better explain what’s going on in Rome, seems perfect decline that verb in a different way: “innaRomarsi” instead of “innamorarsi”.
In the Italian capital, you’ll get stuck on its soft yellow lights, you’ll let those scents inebriate your nostrils.
Here are 10 places in which your heart won’t be safe at all.
Seeing is believing.

1. Pincio

This is one of the Romans’ dearest historical walks. Perhaps, the nicest one, too.
From the terrace behind Villa Borghese, the magical view of Piazza del Popolo you can enjoy there, is something breathtaking.
The Pincio park was built in the early years of ‘800, when Rome was invaded by French. According perfectly to the neoclassical style, the project all, the garden and Piazza del Popolo is due to the architect Valadier.
It is the first public garden that Napoleon wanted in Rome.
Try it while the sun is going down; breath people’s smiles and then, taste how suggestive that terrace can be.

2. Rooftops

Even if it’s something not so historical, I should note down that also a simple rooftop of an hotel, in Rome, knows how to be special.
If you don’t care about 40 € they ask for, enjoy two drinks – with side snacks – could be one of the nicest things that anyone could ever do for a special person.
The most romantic ones are Hotel Minerva’s and Hotel Eden’s rooftops, that are also illuminated, so you can miss the chance even if it’s already dark.

3. Gianicolo

It was the theater in 1849 of heroic defense of the Roman Republic against French. Later, after the unification of Italy in 1861, it became a large public park and a memorial of the Risorgimento.
To relish its power, don’t save all your romance for the last hours of the day. Gianicolo hill spreads power, not simple beauty.
From up above, you can enjoy more than 150 Rome’s white monuments, stunning under its overwhelming sky. Then, there, you can see everything.
The hill is quite a hike up, getting up from Trastevere. Once you’re up there, there are little and nice kiosks where you can get a drink or fresh a sunny day with an ice cream. Soak in the view and let your heart beat.

4. Spanish steps

Spanish steps are the steps you should take to reach Trinità dei Monti: it is the most famous postcard of Rome you can get home. Imagine that, on the right corner of the staircase, you can admire English poet John Keats’ house; being a master of Romanticism, sure part of his success is due to the inspiration Rome gave him.
Sit p at the top, share something you’ve just bought somewher around and take a look over the square below, Piazza di Spagna, and Via Condotti, stretching out right in front of you. You’ll get fricked because of all those people, standing at your feet. Try to observe the scape and not to talk: shut up, often, is the best way to tell something.

5. The Aventino

The “giardino degli aranci” is the setting of one of the best clip scene ever: Sorrentino’s movie “La grande bellezza” gives us one of the most fairy-tale frame of the whole masterpiece, Oscar winner.
Into the “Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta”, infact, putting close your eye to the hole of the door of Priory maindoor you can see Saint Peter’s Chappel. The absurd stands in the fact that the trees into the garden have been cut in the perfect way you can see the chappel, even if by a hole, even if far kilometres.
A whole world in a romantic keyhole. Try to be Jep Gambardella for a while, you’ll got the power.

6. Fori Imperiali

The best moment you can admire it, it’s by night. You can check out the Roman Forum from Via dei Fori Imperiali, the main thoroughfare that charges from Piazza Venezia to the Colosseum.

You can love its beauty from a sort of natural balcony overlooking the Roman Forum. They were built from various emperors,and still today have the same wonderful power history can give.

7. Fontana di Trevi

Classical exemple of an epic fountain that’s famous more than every actor had worked in it. Even Federico Fellini himself could’ve chosen any other location in Rome for his iconic love scene in “La Dolce Vita”; don’t make the mistake to think that’s too touristy as a place; it isn’t! Sure, there are always about a thousand people there. Few know that the right-hand edge of the fountain is a rectangular basin with two small spouts: the fountain of lovers. There you can share one of your best Rome moments. Don’t forget to make a wish, let a coin jumping into its lucky water.

8. Trastevere

Next to those streets full of mistery that have no name, there are some darling little squares with some mosaicked tables, outdoor drinking fountains called “nasoni” and many stalls of people who handcraft jewels and accessories. It happens in Trastevere, where romanticism seems to be a signature. Here you may find a crowd of Romans and drink in a funny way to the “Bottarella“, letting owners give you some particular advices. Can’t tell you more.

9. The “lungotevere”

The most exciting place, to me, is that one that seems stolen from a movie set: the side river of Tevere, in particular, close to the Tiberina Island. There you can also enjoy drinks and events, always organized with an eye to people’s different tastes. Going across the river stepping over the bridges, could be one of the more lovely things to do in Rome. Don’t forget to take a look to Ponte Milvio, even if you’re not in love. I swear you’ll be, then.

10. Restaurants’ menus

I don’t think love’s only for people. I strongly believe that one of the most sincere kind of love is for food. So, consider that, going through Rome, you’ll get fat about 3 kgs a week. Try to fall in love – into dishes – and taste everything your eyes stumble in: “carbonara, gricia, amatriciana, trippa, cicoria, carciofi”.

The menu will be your Tinder, so I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lover; who cares about people, when food gives you that much?!