Have you ever considered to enroll in a UK University? This might sound a bit difficult, because all we know the entry requirementss are very hard to overcome, but now potential students can count on Government Scholarships, as the Chevening one. This opportunity is set for ambitious and determined people aspiring to become the future global leaders.

To apply for this helpful fund you have to follow several requirements:

  • have completed a Bachelor Degree
  • took part in a work experience of at least two years
  • be fluent in English at the Chevening high standards
  • apply for three different Universities courses and be accepted from one of them
  • return back home once the scolarship has ended

To successful applicants, the amount of 1500£ Chevening covers, will be used on paying tuition fees, living allowances and travel costs form and to UK. However, it is care of the candidate to check all the priorities for each subject he is applying to and for the country he comes from.

The application deadline for the 2016/17 Academic Year will close on Tuesday, November 3 2015. To apply just go on the online form provided by the scheme and fill all the required fields. For more details go on http://www.scholars4dev.com/3299/british-chevening-scholarships/ or http://www.chevening.org/apply