Carlo Fanelli is one of most lovely teacher at University of Calabria. His great passion to theatre could inspire a great number of students.

Good morning Mr.Fanelli and thans to have accepted this video-interview. How is the condition of theatre?

Carlo Fanelli: Italian theatre is very bad and I am so sorry.

For which reason?

Above all for what our government can’t do. Let’s think to the cut of money referred to theatre and cultural in general. I am not optimistic about it.

Mass media are also guilty of this condition?

Yes, sure. Many times we ignored the real movement and names of greatest artists, for example The theatre of Lemming, a wonderful try to find news ideas on stage. Newspapaers and tv don’t know it.

And Gigi Marzullo show?

I am worried thinking that information about theatre is included in his shows. Gigi Marzullo is a great professionist working in Italian tv (Rai) but subject I learn is something better.

You are politically correct?

No, I am not. Our politicians have not great competences to lead country and Beppe Grillo’s movement is not the right answer to troubles. Our country is a place to stupid people.

Are you really appreciated by students?

If this is true it means I am working in a good way. I think the great beauty belongs to them and we have to respect their opinions. I am so sorry when they don’t show all qualities and will to learn.

Your peoject about Eduardo de Filippo has been followed?

Yes and I have been very delicious to have showed his poetry. Eduardo De Filippo is more than a life.

And Massimo Ranieri’s works?

I have tried to contact him to express my opinion about his Eduardo de Filippo’s rappresentation. Massimo Ranieri is a good Italian singer but I hope he doesn’t continue on theatre’s stage.