1. You’ll understand what happiness is

You can find it in small things and in the family and not in material objects. I found happier people in this city that all over Europe. The capitalism has been imposed on these people and I think it was their ruin.

2. After being in Argentina, European roads will all seem safe

I was really scared walking around the streets of Rosario. Criminality is extremely common and the police are powerless. I  learnt to always look behind!

3. Solidarity and altruism

More true in Rosario among people who have nothing, that in Europe where you could give much more.

4. You’ll miss the metro and efficient public transport of European cities

In a city large as Milan with only buses that run when it suits them, all seems unreachable.

5. Tango

Fully expresses the passion the Argentinian peopleput into life.

6. Desire for redemption

People who work all day and go to college at night makes you ashamed of all the times you complained that you couldn’t do it.

7. The distances are huge and Italy seemed really tiny.

But I suggest: get the buses to travel. I made my best trips alone by bus… and I came back home with many new friends. Look out the window! The landscapes are pristine and spectacular anywhere.

8. Forget Hurry.

They live their life easy and slowly.

9. “Mate” is their coffee.

Sitting in a circle in the middle of the park, all drinking from the same straw is a tradition. Do not be picky!

10. The kitchen is different from the Italian, but the products are very tasty.

Taste and discover their culture. The cows graze on the pampa and their flesh is juicy. The fruit is matured trees and vegetables grown in the fields and not in greenhouses. Here there is the Nutella but you’ll find something equally: dulce de leche and alfajores. The beer is good and directly sold in one liter bottles! Don’t forget Fernet!